Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy (day early) adoption day!

Tomorrow is officially Cainan's one year anniversary since he was joined our family. On August 13, 2007, Mat and Aunt Betty were in China to bring our boy home! What a difference one year makes! I will try to post "then and now" picture tomorrow if I can get it organized. We just are going to have a little celebration. We are going out for ice cream tomorrow night. Aunt Betty is here visiting us this week, so that worked out perfectly! We are happy she is here to celebrate with us. One year, six surgeries, 7 pounds, 4 inches later, he is a very different boy!

This past weekend we were in Pennsylvania picking up Arlington and Aunt Betty and going to the Pletcher family reunion. It was a lot of fun. It has been at least 10 years or more since we have seen some of them, so it was great to get a chance to catch up! And it was nice to see some of the relatives we see more often, but not as often as we would like. The picnic was followed by a really great fireworks display put on by Mat's cousins- it was a great night. The babies went home to go to bed before the fireworks, but Arlington stayed with Mat and I and really enjoyed them. She also lit her first sparklers. That made mommy very nervous. I hate those things. But she did well.

We flew in and out of Pennsylvania this weekend - we left early Sunday morning and headed home and were happy to be settled back in. Arlington missed her grandparents. But what was funny was Finley. About the last 1/2 hour of our drive, she called our for "Gramma" (Mat's mom). She wanted "Gramma's house" over and over. When we finally pulled into our garage, I never heard her wail so loud!!! She was so upset that she was at her house and not at Gramma's house! Too much.

Monday Arlington started soccer camp. I took some pictures and put them below. She is having a blast. It is for 1 1/2 hours every day this week. She is exhausted but happy when it is done. She has another little friend (our little neighbor) who is also there, so she is having a great time. Arlington is a participant, as well - she will do what they tell her, and it is great! I love watching her play.

Monday Cainan had an ENT (ears nose and throat) doctor appointment. That went pretty well. One of his tubes has fallen out. It was just lose in his ear. The doctor took it out. Since it isn't on the side of his cleft, they aren't going to put it back right now. We see the doctor again in 6 months and then they will decide if it needs to be placed at that time. He had a hearing test and passed no problem. And he did really great during the test - participated very well.

Today Cainan and I had a long day because it was our trip to Boston for his craniofacial appointment. Boston is 2 hours away, so we knew we had a lot of driving. Cainan is a great traveler, and didn't give me any problems the whole trip. Boston is the craziest city in the country. Worse than New York city when it comes to driving - I kid you not. People park where ever they want. It is nuts. But Boston is a beautiful city! I can't wait for Arlington to go to Harvard and we can visit often......

Anyway, the appointment went well. It was a short appointment, which I expected. We got the clear that we don't have to have an appointment again for another year. Yeah! He won't have any surgeries until he is 4-5 years old, so until then, we just have to have a clinic appointment once a year. Very good news. The new doctor is nice - actually knows Dr. Stelnicki - our last surgeon - very well, and spoke highly of him. That actually means a lot coming from a Boston Children's doctor.

So that is about it for now. Oh, we took the tape off Finley's dermabonded wound, and everything looks pretty good. She is going to have it looked at tomorrow so we will know then. Nothing much is up for the rest of the week, thank goodness! Aunt Betty is with us until Saturday, which is great. She has been a huge help this week with all of the appointments and camp going on. Now I don't have to interrupt the babies schedules or nap times.

Enjoy some pictures!


The Kovalls said...

Love the soccer gear - too cute!

Danielle said...

It seems like you all are always so busy! Glad to hear all is going well.

Danielle said...

It seems like you all are always so busy! Glad to hear all is going well.