Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a fun weekend we had!

So this weekend was really fun. On Sunday we decided to go to a local fair. Now remember, I really do live in the "sticks" so these are not big city type fairs! We used to go to the San Diego fair - now that thing was impressive. This, well for those of you who live in Connellsville, this would be like the Indian Head fair, maybe slightly bigger, but not much. :) But it was really cute and fun.

We just went to the fair for a few hours in the morning. We watched these Ox pull these large cement blocks. The kids couldn't get enough of that! I never saw the babies sit so long in one place. They were really into it. I have to tell, you though, it was weird. Why did the cows do this? I have no idea. And it was also very funny! Some of them did not want to cooperate. Can you blame them? Would you like to put 4800 pounds of cement for no good reason? But it was neat to watch.

We had lunch there and then Arlington got to ride three rides. Fair rides are scary at best, so we stuck to the mild stuff. Even Finley rode her very first fair ride AND her first ride without mommy and daddy. Finley isn't a rider, but she loved these little boats that went around in a circle. And Arlington was with her. Finley did not want to get off. IT was hilarious. I am glad she went. Cainan, though. He passed. :)

We also saw some animals at the fair. Finley liked looking at the animals, as did Cainan, and Cainan actually wanted to pet a few. But Finley wasn't crazy about touching them. She was fine just looking. Arlington, of course, loved every minute of that fair and was very sad when we had to leave. We told her next time we would stay longer. Oh, and the girls got their picture taken by a local fire department person while we were there. You will see that picture below.

Monday was also a fun day. We started the day with a playdate here at the house with our neighbor (and fellow 5 year old) girl. Arlington was so excited to have her over. Her mom had to run some errands, so the little girl came to play for a few hours in the morning. This was the first time she got to see the babies too, and they all had a great time together. I am so happy Arlington has found a little friend here in the neighborhood, and one that will start school with her. We got very lucky!
Then, my cousin's Kirsten and Alissa came down from New York City for a visit. (this is Kirsten who is Frenchy in Grease) Or should I say - over. Yes, NYC is to the west. :) Anyway, we had a good time. They got in around 12:30 (we are only about 2 hours out of the city) and stayed until 7pm. What a great day. The kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them. They couldn't get enough. Kirsten and Alissa are fun people to be around - what can you say? The played with the kids all afternoon, we had dinner and then I took the girls for ice cream. It was fun. This morning the kids are still asking for them. Finley keeps saying, "I miss Kirsten, I miss Alissa" (in her baby talk). Then she will say, "where the girl's go?" Too funny. Arlington, too misses them today. She loved having them here.

Today is a down day for us. It was supposed to rain so I didn't plan any activities. It only sprinkled, so oh well. The kids are being SUPER good today. I am so impressed! I am getting a lot done around the house thanks to that. We played outside for awhile, and believe it or not - no one cried or fought. I think that was a first. Tomorrow we are thinking of going to a local fair the library is having - something Arlington is looking forward too. Then my parents arrive Friday. They were just coming for the weekend, but I have a lot of things planned for next week so they are going to stay and help.

So that is our news! If you didn't catch "Cainan's Story" you can read about it below - my post from earlier today. Enjoy the pictures!

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