Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finley has a boo-boo

Does this post title surprise you? Our little mischeif maker hurt herself this past weekend! It was Saturday night and all was quiet at our house (ha!) and the kids were just finishing up dinner. Finley was on the couch next to Mat, bouncing around, and sure enough, she bounced right off the couch! She landed on the corner of our coffee table (of course) and it made the worst sound! She cried a little, and then we noticed that her forehead was bleeding pretty good! So we got her cleaned up and I took a good look at it, and we decided that it would probably warrant stitches. So off to the ER we go (couldn't go to urgent care – it was after 6 already, sigh). We got lucky in the fact that the ER wasn't busy at all. We got to the ER around 7pm and were on our way home by 8:30, which isn't bad! It never did really stop bleeding, either, which was fun in the car. Anyway, we got lucky in the fact that because it wasn't IN her eyebrow, but above (not in any hair) they could use Dermabond (click on the word to read more about this product). They use it a lot of times these days instead of stitches, and I love it! It is completely painless, and is especially great for little ones. So what they did is apply some cream that decreased the swelling and numb the area. Then after about 20 minutes, they came in with the Dermabond pen, pushed the wound together, and closed it. Finley was a model patient – she never moved or cried! We were so happy that it was able to be used instead of stitches. And it was purple – Finley loved that!

So she will have her wound covered for 7-10 days, and then we can remove the steri-strips and bandaid and start washing that part of her head again. Sigh. I am just glad she wasn't more seriously hurt. Her eye was pretty swollen on Sunday, but by today – I don't see any swelling at all! And she hasn't been affected one bit. She hasn't touched it, or bothered it at all, and is her same self.

Cainan is doing well. Not much to report on him. He has some doctor's appointments coming up next week. We are seeing our new ENT and craniofacial specialist next week. I am anxious to get those two appointments out of the way. Both of them are far away, so they will be all morning affairs. But then we should be done for a whole year, which will be great. I am going to look into getting him back into speech therapy in the fall once Arlington goes back to school. I still think he needs it. He does not speak very clearly and doesn't pronounce words the same way Finley does. So he needs more work.

Arlington is still in Pennsylvania visiting with the grandparents. She is having a great time. Since we last left off, she has gone to another theme park, a water park, and a science museum She has also gotten to do some more school shopping and has gotten some more clothes for the fall. I will post pictures of her adventures when she returns. She still has a trip to the children's museum and the zoo to look forward to, and a day at a family friends pool. She is never going to want to come back to us!

This weekend we did finish working on a segment of the yard we wanted to complete, and now have MORE grass to water. What were we thinking??? No, it is good. And tonight, we are going to finish another little section, and then hopefully next week finish the last little section we want to complete before the fall. We will see. Like I said, endless project! But it is fun – we enjoy it. Now if only it would rain more so that I wouldn't have to water so much, I would be happy!

Today is my mother in law's birthday, so I wanted to say happy birthday to her! She is an amazing woman, and I am lucky to have her in my life. My children are lucky to have such a wonderful person as a grandmother. So happy birthday Sally! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Enjoy some pictures.

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