Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tired Tuesday

So it has been awhile since I have worked, and getting up early these last two days has been hard! Ha! And I have 196 left to go. I better "buck up"! I am sure once I get into the routine, it won't seem so bad.

My new job is going fine so far. I had a computer class on Monday - myself and the other 5 nurses in the district - and it was hard and boring. But once I learn the program, it is going to come in REALLY handy! And today I had a few meetings, met a few parents and started being oriented to the mounds of paperwork that I will be responsible for. I started going through the kids files and getting my Kindergarteners all set. Tomorrow is a meet and greet with them (a popcicle party) so I wanted to see who still needed to turn things in. And I had a chance to see my office! It is small, but it will do. I have a nice little place. I already bought posters and things to decorate it with. Ha! I will have it looking cheery in no time.

Tomorrow is a large orientation for all staff in the district all morning, a BBQ, and then I can spend a little time in my office tomorrow afternoon before heading home. Then Thursday the kids start! AHHHHHH! I will have someone with me for at least a week or two to help out, however, she won't be with me the first two days of school. So this should be interesting......

Anyway, we had a really nice weekend. Sunday we went to a cool little seafood restaurant near the water. It was yummy. Mat and my dad also took the kids to the beach Sunday morning and they had a blast. My mom and I used Sunday to go to breakfast, scout out my new school, and go shopping for school clothes all day. It was fun! Not a bad weekend!

The kids are doing great. Arlington starts Kindergarten one week from today. I can't believe it. She is back to being really excited. She can't wait to go. And she is even excited about Kindergarten enrichment before she heads off to her class. So that I am happy about. I will be anxious to be a couple of weeks into this whole thing and us settled into a routine. Then I think everything will fall into place.

So here are some pictures of the beach and our trip to the seafood place. Enjoy!

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