Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of Kindergarten and 3rd grade

Today was the first day of school for the kids.
They could hardly sleep last night because they were very excited.  Arlington touched her outfit about 1 million times making sure she had all she needed.  It was really cute.
Today, the kids were up bright and early and ready to go.  It was a rainy day, so we had to take all pictures inside.  Arlington was the first one out the door to school.  Her bus came at 7:40 pm.

After she left, the littles and I came back home to finish getting ready.  I took their pictures and had them get their bookbags.
At one point I asked the kids to turn around so I could get a picture of their bookbags.  Here is what they did:
Apparently they are practicing for a life of crime.  Awe.some.
 Their bus came at 8:30.  Finley was quiet, but ready to go.  Right before she got on the bus, she came back to me and gave me a big hug and said "I love you".  About broke my heart.  I know she was nervous.
But she got on the bus then and didn't look back.  Cainan bounded right up the steps onto the bus without any problems.  And they were off.
It was so weird for about the first hour.  The house was so quiet.  I was thinking - did I tell them everything?  Do they remember not to talk to strangers?  Will they remember where their snack is?  Will Finley have someone to sit with at lunch?  Will Arlington appraoch kids she doesn't know and ask them to play?  It was tough.

But before I knew it, 4 hours had gone by and it was time to get Cainan off the bus.  He was so excited....he had a great day.  He told me all about his day and he made a few new friends.  He couldn't remember their names, but I was so glad he had kids to play with.  He loved his teacher.  He got to play with blocks.  And now he was home without his sisters with his mommy all to himself.

At 3:00, I went back to the bus stop to get Arlington.  Yes, it was still raining, much to my dismay.  Arlington also had a really great day.  She loved her teacher and has made a new "best friend" already.  She and her new friend in her class share the same color eyes and a love for dogs.  This sealed the deal in Arlington's book.  She talked about many kids in her class, and everything she did all day.  She was excited to show me her planner and her "homework" for tonight, which was for me to fill out about 1 million papers for the school, and her to read.
At 3:50, I went back to the bus stop one last time for Finley.  5 trips to the bus stop - a friend of mine said I need to build myself a little shelter at the bus stop.  She is right - I was there a ton today.  Still raining, of course, I waited for my youngest to get off the bus.  She came off and jumped right into my arms.  She told me right away she had a really great day and played with a lot of kids.  She ate lunch with a new friend.  She loved her teacher and even got to play with toys. She was the fastest at cleaning up.  (hmmmmm...mental note for home life).
Although, she had an interesting story from lunch time.  I packed her lunch.  I didn't want her worrying about going through the lunch line until she was used to being there.  The cafeteria is large, and daunting.  So, she says to me "I didn't eat my sandwhich today".  I fussed at her becuase we had talked about 1 million times about the importance of her eating her lunch at school so she wouldn't be tired and hungry in the afternoon.  But she said "I ate pizza".  I stared at her.  "Where did you get pizza?" I asked her.  "Well, I love pizza, so the teacher bought it for me".  She gave them a "Finley look" and they bought her school lunch?  GGGGRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAATTTTT.

Finley and I had to have a discussion that lunch at school is NOT free food, that she needs to eat what I gave her.  But she just kept telling me how much she loved pizza.  Finally, I think it stuck that she needed to stick to her sandwhich and sometimes I will let her buy lunch.  I sent her teacher an email to apologize and offer to pay for the lunch she ate today and ask to make sure she doesn't do it again.  My goodness that girl!

So a good first day.  Tomorrow - Finley and Cainan don't have school.  Kindergarteners get to slowly get used to school.  But Arlington will be back to school tomorrow.  The littles and I are hoping for a nice sunny day to enjoy some time outside and hopefully take a trip to the library.  Then the real routine of school begins.

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