Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Day Two

Today's Advent Jesse Tree ornament is an apple.
 This is a temporary apple - I have actually ordered a nicer one, but it didn't arrive in time.  Plus - Scooby found this apple and the side you don't see is in shreds.  Ah puppyhood.

"All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way".  Isaiah 53:6

In other news:
Finley had a much better piano lesson today.  She has turned a corner in her daily practice as well - has figured out the notes on the piano, and is getting the idea a little quicker that what she is playing is a song.  Victory.  She was pretty proud of herself tonight.  I was proud of her too.  Next Monday is her first Christmas concert where she will sit next to a kid playing "Silent Night" and play a C and a G on the piano :)  Cute.
 We have finished decorating the house inside and out.  All that is left is the tree.  We get a live tree each year, so we like to wait another week or two so that it doesn't dry out before Christmas.  The kids are excited about finding a new tree farm to cut our tree down this year.
 Scooby has discovered ice cubes.  It is pretty cute to watch.  One fell on the floor today and for about 10 minutes he wasn't sure what to make of it and pawed at it before finally eating it.  He has also discovered he can climb the stairs and will follow us every once in awhile into the upstairs.  We aren't allowing him upstairs for now because he is still being trained, but it is cute to watch him go up the steps.  He is not so great at getting back down.
Tomorrow is puppy school......with the puppy.  I am looking forward to see him interact with the other dogs.

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