Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Day Four

Day Four of Advent's ornament is the 3 Wise Men.
"In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."  Genesis 12:3b

I got this ornament earlier this year - it is hand carved.  I thought it was really pretty.
Today was really busy.  I spent part of the morning helping the Garden club get ready for the holiday bazaar.  It was really fun.  It is a great group of ladies.  They always have me laughing - especially the older ladies.  They all have a great sense of humor and I love how they tease each other.  And the arrangements they make are beautiful.  I was in charge of bows.  That is what I could handle.   They felt otherwise, which was sweet, but I declined and stuck to bows.

I volunteers, as always on Wednesday, in Finley's class and taught braille after leaving the lovely Garden Club ladies.  Then this afternoon I picked the kids up early and took them to get their flu shots.  2 out of 3 were really good.  I will give you one guess who was freaked out.  Yes - that would be Finley.  But in the end, she sat still, and all the kids now have their flu shots.

We ran errands, took the kids to McDonalds as a treat for getting a shot today, and now we are home wrapping some Christmas presents.

Tonight I pulled a tick off Cainan at bath time tonight.  He was surprisingly brave.  I think we caught it early, so we will just have to watch him.  The ticks are so bad here in the North East.  I still pull them off Scooby - even though he is treated.

This weekend is our Holiday Bazaar in our town here in Massachusetts.  We are ready, I think.  We haven't ever had a table there before, so it is hard to know what to expect.  But we are hoping to make some money for our Foundation and continue to get the word out about Finley and our RDH12 Fund for Sight.

Also this weekend in Connellsville is the annual Holiday Cookie Sale in town.  West Side Jewelry is hosting the Finley's Fighters/RDH12 Fund for Sight table, so please stop by if you are in town.  All profit from the sale goes to our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  All cookies are homemade by our family and friends, so they are going to be fantastic and delicious.  We appreciate your support!
 And last, but not least, Arlington took a picture of Mat and I so I thought I would post it.  

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