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The Muppet Movie - by Arlington part one

The movie started with a Toy Story commercial of "Small Fry".  The Small Fry was a little buzz toy at a take out restaurant for display.  He wanted to get played with.  He saw a big Buzz.  When the big Buzz was in the ball pit, Small Fry pulled him under the balls and traded himself with the big buzz.  When they went home, Small Fry climbed out of the bag and began singing and roller skating.  While the big Buzz was sitting in a toy meeting for lost toys that were never played with.  Big Buzz talked with those toys and did a small skit of a toy getting played with and then lost.  While he was doing that, he escaped.  At home Woody and the gang were wondering what happened to the real buzz and asked Small Fry what had happened.  They wanted to know what they should do with Small Fry.  The big Buzz turned up and said "I don't know".  Everyone yelled "Buzz!".  Buzz knew exactly where to put Small Fry.  Small Fry was happy with the lost toys who were never played with.  the end.

The Muppets Movie:

It started with a Muppet named Walter and his brother.  Walter and his brother, Gary, loved to play together.  Gary always grew a couple of inches each year, but Walter stayed the same.  Gary and Walter were watching TV one day when they saw the movie called Muppets.  They watched it every night until Gary was much older.  The next morning, Gary was getting ready to go on a date with his girlfriend.  They were going to Hollywood.  Walter asked Gary to bring him back stuff from the Muppets.  Gary said he couldn't do it though.  Walter sighed.  Then Gary said that "I don't have to because we are all going".  He meant he, his girlfriend, and Walter.  Walter almost fainted.  Later that day, Walter and Gary went out all dressed in suits and were singing.  Then they made it to a school.  Gary's girlfriend was a teacher at that school.  Gary said to his girlfriend that he was ready to go and Walter was waiting outside.  So when Gary went to check on Walter, Mary (Gary's girlfriend) sang a song about how sad she was because Gary never paid any attention to her, really.  It looked like it was raining.  At the end of the song, you saw that it was just a garden guy spraying the window with his hose.

When Gary, Walter, and Mary were all waiting for the bus, the people that they got to sing with them were still singing when they got on the bus.  The bus drove away and one of the people said "they're gone" and they all dropped to the ground.  (ha ha ha)

When they were at Hollywood, they took a taxi to where the Muppets played their show.  They took a tour of their studio.  The tour guide went to Kermit's office first and said "this is Kermit's office, it is really nice inside".  Walter smiled really big.  Then the tour guide said "you better visit it some time" and then moved on.  And Walter fainted.  Gary woke him up soon, though.  Gary moved on, but Walter went into Kermit's office and looked around.  Then the door knob slowly creaked and then 4 muppets entered the door with a man.  The man told a lie to the older muppets.  He said we are going to turn this place into a museum of the muppets.  Walter was hearing this from under the table.  When the two old muppets left, the man said that they were just going to tear the place down and get all the oil under it.  He said he could smell the oil in the ground.  Then he said to his worker muppers, "maniacal laugh", "maniacal laugh", and they other two laughed maniacally.

When they all left, Walter ran as fast as he could, screaming.  He wouldn't stop screaming.  When they rode in the taxi, he still screamed.  When they were on the bus, everyone was looking at them because Walter was screaming.  Finally they got him to settle down and he told them the whole story.

When they got off the bus, they ran to the car and drove around to see where Kermit could be.  When Gary was starting to give up, Walter said no, and Mary cut in and said "I think I found the place".  The gates had Kermit and Miss Piggy on it.  And Walter said, "throw me over" and Mary said "I think that is an electric fence".  But then Walter said "throw me over" and Gary said "oh, okay".  So Gary threw Walter and it was an electric fence.  From behind, just as Walter was about to say throw me over again, Kermit showed up.  And Kermit said to them, "can I do anything for you?" and Walter fainted.  (thud).  Kermit asked if he was okay and Gary said yes.  They brought him inside.

When he woke up, he was on a comfy couch in Kermit's living room and Kermit said "what's the problem".  Walter told him about the man but didn't tell the story yet.  And Kermit said "he said he was going to make that place into a museum".  Walter told him that it was a lie and that they were going to tear it down for the oil.  Kermit believed Walter.  All the sudden 80's the Robot burst in and asked if they wanted soda.  Kermit said "not now".  And then 80's the Robot started beeping and asked if they wanted soda.  Kermit yelled at him, and the robot turned around and bumped into the wall three times before he got out.  Then bumped into the trash can.

The next day, Kermit, 80's the Robot, and Gary, Mary, Walter went on a trip to find the other muppets.  When they were at the first stop where Fozzie the Bear worked.  Walter fainted again because Fozzie had started another band called the Moopets.  When they were done singing their song, no one clapped.  Except for Kermit, Walter, Gary, and Mary.  On Fozzie's break, Kermit went to him and said "Fozzie!".  Fozzie wasn't looked and said "Kermit!"  They started talking and the rest of Fozzie's band came to talk to them, so Fozzie let's talk more privately.  When they went to his dressing room, it was outside, and it started to rain.  Fozzie said "get the cushions!"  The got Fozzie back and then they went to Gonzo.   Gonzo owned Gonzo's Plumbing. Gonzo gave them 30 seconds to talk to him and Fozzie kept interrupting Kermit and saying to Kermit "don't forget about the man who is doing the oil".  And when the 30 seconds were up Kermit said "we are trying to get the band back together to save the studio.  Would you like to be part of it?"  Gonzo said "no - that is my final answer".  Walter says "I was one of your biggest fans, I loved how you shot yourself out of the cannon".

To be continued..........(she has to go to bed - it took her too long)

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