Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas photo shoot

Every year we take pictures of the kids for our Christmas cards.  We also change out one photo in our house.  It is fun to watch the change  in the kids over the course of a year.

This year, we have been so busy, that we are actually late in getting our pictures done.  I usually like to do it in November because I have a better chance for nice weather.  We like to take the pictures outdoors, of course!

This year, we stayed right in our neighborhood to take the pictures.  We live in a very wooded neighborhood, so there were many places to take pictures right outside our house.

These are not my best work.  The light was not as bright as I would have liked outside, so the photos didn't come out like I wanted.  BUT - we did get some good ones.


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Anonymous said...

dec 9,2012

What beautiful christmas photos!