Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disney days 4 and 5

Sorry I was MIA for a few days!  It has been a busy week trying to get back into routine, and I didn't realize it has been so long since I posted.

Moving on.

On day 4 we went to Animal Kingdom.  This is probably my least favorite park, but we had a good time there.  They have some great rides for the kids.  We did take the safari ride which the kids really liked.  It is hard for Finley to see the animals, but some of them came really close to the safari car, so that helped.

The big part of the day was that  Finley and Cainan rode a major roller coaster for the first time ever.  The roller coaster is called Everest.  Finley LOVED it.  I think she rode it 7 times.  She even made me ride it once.  I did not love it.

Cainan rode it and we were really proud of him.  He isn't very willing to try new things, but there was a stuffed toy he wanted but he had to ride the ride to get it.  So he complied, and actually rode it again because he liked it.

This park closed the earliest (5pm) so we were able to go back to the hotel, order some pizza, and relax for the evening.  After a few long and late days in a row, the kids were ready for a regular bedtime to get through the rest of the week.

Here are pictures of day 4.  (pictures and description of day 5 below)

Today's outfits - dressed like Woody and Jesse from Toy Story:
 Brave boy:
 This is how the girls fell asleep - it was too cute not to capture:

Day 5 - we went to Epcot.  This is Mat's favorite park.  The kids are now old enough that Epcot is more fun for them.  We rode all the rides, and then we hit the countries.  During Christmas they tell stories about the holidays/new year in their countries.  Arlington really liked listening to the stories, and even Finley and Cainan got into it after awhile.

They also have Kidcot, where in each Country you color and people in the country stamp their coloring stick and write their names in their native language.  The kids really liked that.

We even got a glimpse of Hollywood Star Neil Patrick Harris.  He was the star there for the Candlelight program.  I took a bad picture of him (I was too short and far back), but it was cool to see him there!

We were at Epcot for over 12 hours - the kids were really good!

The kids waiting for the water from the fountain to jump over them:
 Today's outfits:

 In front of some of the decorations:

 Big tree:
 Playing a new interactive game they had in the park:
 Example of one of the places the Santas/Country representatives would give their holiday talk:
 These scrolls were at each country to tell the story of the holidays in that country:
 Canada's santa:
 Arlington posing with Canada's santa:
 Cainan and Finley coloring at Kidcot:
 My three heads:
 The United Kingdom's santa:

 Arlington and Sleeping Beauty.  They had a big conversation:

 Arlington and Mulan.  Her favorite - a warrior princess:

 The Monkey King in China.  Arlington and I read the book about the Monkey King so she really enjoy him.  And Cainan thought he was cool:

 Finley heard some music and starting an impromtu dance:
 Finley wanted me to take her picture near this statue because Elephants are her favorite:
 The Christmas Witch in Italy:

 My three little Italians.  We took this picture for Gigi Appolonia:
 Japan.  They have my favorite quote:  "Fall down 7 times, get up 8":

 My very blurry pictures of Neil Patrick Harris:

 Huge Gingerbread house.  It was real!  We could order hot chocolate here:
 even the railing was made of gingerbread:

 The snow on the roof was all icing:
 The hearts are candy:
 Big Christmas tree all lit up:

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Anonymous said...

December 6,2012


WOOOOW! You all look so thrilled to be there and happy. I am glad you all are back to tell us about your fun times too! I love your kids very sweet.

I don't have kids because mentally, I am a little behind, but I'm not challenged by any means. Your kids are adorable in these pictures. Also, Finley seems like such a sweetheart standing next to the elephant statue. She and I have something in common....I LOVE elephants too.

I have elephant figurins all over my room and on everything that I can set them on. I also love the color PINK! It's on everything aswell: like my bed spread and curtins are pink, so I guess I'm a girly girl. But, that's okay, because we love ''loving'' girl things. LOL!

I like the 1941 disney masterpiece ''Dumbo'' I am a kid at heart! I guess that's to blame for my premature birth of 27 weeks, or my kind and gentle nature.

''Anyway, I very much,love your pictures, please keep them coming.''

God loves you kids +(finley),
Your Friend,
Shayla McCartney