Sunday, December 16, 2012

The good among the bad

We had a wonderful weekend with Mat's parents.  The kids got a chance to open their presents from Gramma and Pappy, we went to see Santa, we visited a local nursery that puts on a fabulous Christmas tree display, and Mat and I finished our Christmas shopping.

I am so glad they were here this weekend.  We won't have a chance to see them over Christmas, so I am glad they got to spend some "Christmas time" with the kids.  That they were here to watch the kids open their presents from them.  That they were here on Friday when they got home from school, and we were all so sad.  That they were here to give them those hugs and kisses and rejoice in the fact that they are alive and well.

this is the kid's last week of school.  We are running like crazy this week between parties, school activities, and last minute details.

And on Tuesday, there will be a blogging day of silence for the children and teachers who died in Newtown.

Enjoy the pictures from this weekend:

 Santa asked the kids to make a silly face:

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Anonymous said...

It is so great to have children in our lives, they are so unaware of all the things that adults understand and have to do on a daily basis to make the world tick.
They have so much youth and spirit and are so resiliant and are contented just to ''play''

I will Pray For You,
Shayla Merry Christmas! cute pictures!