Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Take Three

Saturday we had a chance to have Christmas with my parents.  We put the presents they brought the kids from them, my grandparents, my brother's family, my aunt and uncle, and family friends under the tree Friday night.  When the kids woke up Saturday morning, they came down to see presents......again!  The fun never ends.

We ate breakfast (Mat made us all French Toast) and then the kids opened their presents.  They got another slew of wonderful presents. 

My wonderful sister in law got my the first year of our blog (which was 2007) bound together in a book.  It was such a wonderful surprise!  I have been wanting to do that for a long time.  I have been enjoying reading the book and I will always treasure it.

Here are a few pictures from our morning.

Finley wearing her Rudolph gear.  She is ready to guide Santa's sleigh:
 The presents:
 Tatoos and Boo the dog from Grammy and Papa:
 Big Ninjago set from Grammy and Papa.  He had been hoping for this one:
 Doll house from Grammy, Papa, GiGi and Pap-pap.  It is bigger than she is:
 She played with it all day:
 Barbie head and Wonder beads from Grammy and Papa:
 Phineas and Ferb pajamas from the Hornicks:
 Polly Pockets from the Orlandos:

 Earrings from the Orlandos for her upcoming ear piercing:
 Cars from the Wyatts:
 Butterfly decorating kit from the Wyatts:
 Makeup and Hair dye from Grammy and Papa:
 Ninjago book and legos from Aunt Tricia and Uncle AJ:
 Pajamas from the Hornicks:
 Pajamas from the Hornicks:
 Ninjago legos from Gigi and Papa:
 Lalaloopsy from Aunt Tricia and Uncle AJ:

 Makeup and craft book form Aunt Tricia and Uncle AJ:
 More Ninjago from Gigi and Pap-pap:
 Make a quilt and Duct tape craft from Gigi and Pap-pap:
 Ninjago from the Orlandos:
 Friendship bracelet kit from the Wyatts:
 Magic Kit from Grammy and Papa.  She was really excited about this one:
For my parents this year we got them a couple of small things, but their big gift was that we were taking them to the Boston Ballet to see the Nutcracker.  They were excited, which I was glad to see.  I forgot to take my camera, but my mom had her phone, so we have a few pictures from our adventure.

The theater:
 Waiting in the cold before the show:
 The theater was really pretty:
 Getting ready to go to our seats.  They gave free crowns to the kids - Arlington loved it:
 This Rabbit and Bear were taking pictures with the kids before the show.  Arlington was very curious about the "tutu" around the bears neck:
 After the show!
We all enjoyed the show, and were home before the snow hit.  We ended up getting about 7-8 inches of snow overnight last night, and the kids played out in the snow today.  Those pictures I will share tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

2013! NEW YEARS!!

Happy new year 2013! We shot fireworks off at my house with friends and family, it was fun. We also went sledding down out driveway too!

Wow kiddos! you guys are lucky....I wish I had more presents like you. LOL! Arlington, wow getting your ears peirced is a good step towards growing up and becoming a young lady. It's easy to do too. I was scared when I got mine done, but after the event was over, I asked the lady ''I'm done, that didn't even hurt! I should have done this sooner.'' Isn't that funny?

Happy new year Freinds!
miss Shayla Kay McCartney