Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Final Countdown

Only a few more days until Christmas and my kids are wound as tight as they can get.  I have recently put some presents under the tree and it is down right torture for them.  They want to rip into them so badly they can hardly stand it. 

This week has been busy for all of us.  Monday Mat accidentally took my keys with him to work so I was stuck in the house.  It ended up being a good thing because I got all of the laundry done and put away, and wrapped all the remaining presents.  A day home not being able to go anywhere is okay every once in awhile.

Tuesday into today, Mat was in NYC.  Tuesday morning was a bit of a rush because someone (who will remain nameless) accidentally turned off my alarm, and we got up to see that there were only 30 minutes until we needed to be out of the house.  Arlington was amazing and a huge help.   And the kids pulled it together and we did it.  Breakfast, lunches packed, dressed, and out the door.  Goes to show they can move fast when they need to.

Tuesday was my garden club's annual Christmas party.  It was a lot of fun.  Last year I couldn't go because it is over lunch time and I had to get Cainan from 1/2 day kindergarten.  The garden club ladies are really lovely.  I am the a bit......but I love those ladies.  They are caring and generous and they know everything and anything about gardening.  And they don't laugh when I ask a stupid question.  They enjoy teaching.

Anyway - I got the great surprise that Finley's Fighters and the RDH12 Fund for Sight as their charity to collect for.  Such a generous group.

Tuesday Finley had her Daisies Christmas party and then the kids and I watched "Miracle on 34th street on TV."    I love watching Christmas movies with them - especially the old classics.

Today I started the day with volunteering in the nurse's office doing hearing and vision screenings.  How I wish I would have had someone do this for me when I was a school nurse.  It is hard to try and fit these screenings in when the daily work and need of the kids doesn't stop.  So I do the screenings for her and she does her daily work.  It is a win win.

It was a 1/2 day for the kids (3rd one this month!) so everyone was home by lunch.  I had Finley's teacher conference today, so our wonderful neighbors came and sat with the kids so I could go.  I am very grateful for wonderful neighbors who step in when we need them.  and they brought treats for the dogs and delicious cookies for us (that probably won't make it to the weekend).  How lucky are we?

Finley's conference went very, very well.  The teacher said she is doing very well in reading and math.  She has come a long way since September.  She advocates well for her needs, and has become quite independent in the classroom.  She is still extremely quiet, and doesn't want to talk above a whisper, but she is raising her hand and answering questions out loud which is HUGE.

How did I get two girls that are so very different?

The teacher does not have any concerns and see her reaching all of her first grade goals by the end of the year.  I left the conference a happy momma that we had made the right decision putting Finley in first grade this year.  She was more ready than we realized.  And kudos to this teacher, this year.  She is so positive and lovely and reassuring that I think Finley feels that.  And that makes Finley want to do better.

This evening we did homework, relaxed and waited for Mat to return from his trip into New York City.  It is nice to have him home.  This is the last trip he will have to make until after the holidays, which is great.

Tomorrow I am volunteering at our local Loaves and Fishes (food pantry) that does a "shop for your kids day" each year.  Last Saturday we helped set up and tomorrow is the shopping day.  I am looking forward to seeing how it works, and I know it will warm my heart knowing how many kids are going to have a great Christmas thanks to this local organization.  In light of everything that has gone on in the last week, I need something that makes me smile.

Friday are the kid's holiday parties.  I am only volunteering for Arlington's (in the little's school only the room mothers go in and help.  God bless them).  Arlington's class is making gingerbread houses.  That should be interesting.  I am glad I am able to help.  Mat is off 1/2 a day Friday, so he is going to do some last minute shopping while I am at the school, and then we will all be on break by day's end.  So glorious.

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Anonymous said...

December 19,2012

Dear Pletcher Family:

Well, I am happy you were able to get laundry and the house clean, but not that you were stuck in it.
I am glad your Daughter's conference went so well, great!
I always like to hear that someone is having a good time too.
Your Friend,

P.S. Are your Daughter's (Finley's) eyes doing better?