Thursday, August 30, 2007

ENT - Grrrrrrrrrr.....

So getting Cainan an ENT appointment and surgery to coinside with his already existing surgery didn't go as planned. I called the office this morning, and got a very rude receptionist that was unwilling to help. She said it didn't matter that he had a surgery already - they couldn't see him in the office until the 18th and surgery would be after that. I tried to explain to her that the surgeon doing his cleft was a collegue of this dr., and wanted them to work together, but she wouldn't hear it. So I didn't get anywhere with her. Since I can't have the surgeries together, I decided to try a different office - one a little closer to home. I did get a very nice office this time, and what do you know??? They can see me tomorrow. Huh. So Cainan has an appointment tomorrow morning at 10am with ENT to look at his ears and decide on tubes. There is a chance they could lightly sedate him and do it in the office and not have to go under general anethesia, but I won't know that until tomorrow.
Anyway, that is where we stand. I will let you know more once we return from that appointment. And here, I thought tomorrow was going to be my quiet day! I don't think I am going to have many of those anymore.
Here are some pictures:

Finley and Cainan playing together - finally!
Cainan enjoying putting the blocks in the giraffe
Finley - being a weirdo. She was walking around with her blankie in her mouth. She thinks she is so funny.

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alison said...

Enjoying the updates....loves the "bad babies" pictures from the last post. Glad to know that someone else has bad babies too(very cute..but bad babies).