Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

Mat can't post any more - he has put away the camera and the computer - they are leaving for the airport in a few hours (China time), and will be arriving home at 10:15pm Wednesday night! Once Cainan is home and settled, we will keep up the blog so that you can continue to enjoy pictures of him and especially once he has his lip surgery.
Cainan is doing well. Apparently at dinner in China he had decided he will not eat baby food and did so by yelling until Mat gave him table food. He is a little fire ball! HE should fit in just fine.
We will be in touch!
Thank you for following our journey and all the questions and comments have been great! We promise to keep up our blog!
Also - for those of you who asked - everyone who adopts who stays at the White Swan has their child's picture taken on the infamous red couch. Red is a lucky color in China, and it has just become a tradition to have the children put on their cute little Chinese outfits and have their picture taken! :)


Marilyn, Paul, PJ, & Chris said...

Safe trip home. Mommy and the rest of the family must be crazy with excitement to get their arms around him! How lucky you all are to have found each other.


Marilyn Rhude
another Chenzhou cutie's Mama.

PletcherFamily said...

I have enjoyed this trip tremendously. I look forward to the next chapters. I wonder which baby will teach the other all the "tricks of the trade". I can hardly wait for the news of the transition. God bless you all. Nanny

DK Moore said...

Oh, Jennifer, I am so excited! While the journey to China is a very memorable one, your real journey with Cainan is just about to begin. I look forward to seeing his first photos with you and with his new sisters.

Thank you for being my "Internet" friend. I'm so, so happy that this has all worked out the way you and Mat wanted. You are all so blessed! Keep in touch when you have time...two 1 year olds is going to be fun!

Erika said...

Hey Jenn!! I miss you already :( But enjoy these work free months with your new baby boy. I know he will fit right in with the girls. I love you and dont forget about us at PPEC!