Monday, August 20, 2007

One More Day

We are down to one last hurdle before we can head home. There isn't a person here who isn't ready to board that plane. The silliness of it all is the last four days of our stay here is just so we can stand up at the US consulate and say "I do" to a 5 minute oath. In the meantime, we have mostly been filling our time with trinket shopping (chopsticks for everyone) with an occasional adventure into the city to break things up. Today, we hit the Chen Family Temple and the largest tea market in China. Calling the Chen Family Temple a temple is a little misleading. At the time of its use it actually served as a type of town hall. You would go there to play, to pray, and do your general business. Today, it has been restored and houses art and historical displays.

The tea market was quite a sight. Literally hundreds of little shops that sell nothing but tea and tea related items. What I found most amazing was that for all these shops there was not a single customer within site. Only workers sitting around. Maybe it is just a slow day.

We did accomplish one other required activity of our trip today, the inhumane torture of the adopted children known as the red couch picture. Why we need to put kids who have already had such a difficult life through this traumatic experience is beyond be but apparently it must be done. Of course most of the kids cried. One flipped herself off the couch reaching for mommy. But we all got cute pictures so it was worth their pain.

One quick Cainan story before turning to some pictures of the little guy. Actually more like a sentence. Just yesterday he discovered splashing in the bathtub. Now that is the all he does from the moment his butt hits the water, laughing all the time. Not much experience with baths at the orphanage.

Oh yeah. There is a Chinese version of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader". Right down to sitting all the kids at little desks. The only difference I could detect (it was in Chinese) was that the host does not tell redneck jokes.

Cainan Enjoying a Trip to a Thai Restaurant - Deep fried pumpkin was a big hit.


alison said...

Oh....the beloved Red Couch photo. We've been through 2 sittings ourselves. There is at least one child from every group that needs professional counseling afterwards. But you are right we must torture the children, as one can not come home without this photo.

Crystal said...

What I am interested iin, is what is the significance of the red couch photo? Looks liek you are enjoying yourself what ever the case. I hope you got the girls some of those really cute chinese outfits. We look forward to hearing more every day.

Elaine said...

he looks so cute in the little green outfit!

have a safe trip home!