Monday, August 13, 2007


The reason for the trip arrived today. We had a good, restful night's sleep followed by a leisurely breakfast with the other Great Wall couple in Changsha. Then, at 10:45, we set off to meet our boy.

The Civil Affairs Office is a run down, nondescript building about 10 minutes from our hotel (plus or minus a few flattened pedestrians). We entered the building and were led to a clean, open room lined with wooden benches. There was another family already in the room playing with their new little boy. We were instructed to wait in the corner until the arrival of ours. The little 2 year old was being adopted by the other Great Wall family was already there. The couple quickly made introductions and began the process of winning the affections of their new child. We were told that Cainan was still on the way. In about 5 more minutes, he came in the door in the arms of his nanny. After establishing that I was there for Chen Ji Tao, she handed him over. Cainan did not make a peep at the transfer. It was clear he did not know quite what to make of it all. There was a slight shake in his outstretched arms which were stiff and unmoving. But mostly, he just peered around and took in the sights while I held him. We stood him up at a table and got the stacking balls, Cheerios, Fish Crackers, and Little People out for him but he just continued to silently soak it in. While we were still breaking the ice, two more couples entered the room. In tow were two young Chinese girls. They came up to us and explained they were back to show their girls where they came from 9 years prior. The girls seemed a little apprehensive about being there but the parent's were eating it up. After a couple more photographs, both official and not, we loaded back in the van for the return to the hotel.

At the start for the ride back, Cainan continued his stoic lookout. Arms rigidly stuck out as if signaling a touchdown. But during the course of the ride, he did start the melt. After many attempts at getting him to take it, he finally decided that a Little Person was worth holding on to. At that same moment, he also decided they made really good projectile objects. That beget a game of fetch. He throws, we retrieve.

Once back in the room, I had a bunch of forms to fill out with our guide. This was when Cainan discovered the joy of Cheerios and Fish crackers. He chowed down. Next was bath time. the silent treatment continued but it seemed to go over quite well. We chased the Little People as they floated around the tub and made no notice of the water washing over his hair trickling into his eyes.

Lunchtime also went off without a hitch. The same old, same old of the Chinese formula was more for play than for meal but the Gerber baby food went down until the full light came on in his eyes. By this time, the shades were seemingly beginning to close over the retinas signalling need for nap time. This was proven to be the case, when after 5 minutes of hitting the mattress, it was nothing but ZZZZ's. Cainan gave us the first evidence that he is Jennifer's son as he loudly snored himself through slumberland.


Journey2LilyRose said...

Congratulations Mat & Jennifer.

Cainan is one beautiful little boy. I am so very happy for you guys.

I couldn't wait to turn the computer on this morning, and wouldn't you know it, it took forever to boot up.

Again, congratulations.


PletcherFamily said...

This is the day of pure joy, I cannot even imagine your happiness. Nanny

Carrie said...

Aw, he's too cute! Glad that things are going well so far!!


Elaine said...

He's a very lucky boy to have you! I've enjoyed reading the posts so far and I'm glad to see that your "gotcha" went well. :)

Can't wait to meet him!

Sally said...

I can see that you are very happy, Mathew; and I'm happy for you and Jen. What a blessing! Cainan is a real sweetheart and sounds like he will make the transition easily. Take care. Love, Mom

DK Moore said...

I went straight to this blog as soon as I woke up this morning!

I'm so, so, happy for you guys!! Cainan is adorable and I'm glad his first day is going smoothly. He will be such a blessing to you and you to him.

Erika said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!! Jenn, you finally have that special little boy we've spent so much time talking about at work. You had a beautiful family to begin with, but now there is this new little addition that adds to your special and perfect family. Love you Jenn!!!

jaj said...

Congratulations! You have a beautiful little man with gorgeous eyes!

PletcherFamily said...

Jen and Mat: We are all so happy for you. Johnathan just loves seing Cainan's pictures and says he is so cute. You have been blessed with such a miracle from God and Cainan has been blessed with such wonderful parents and sisters. Take care and have a safe trip home Mat!
Love, Carol, Jeff, and Johnathan

Crystal said...

YEAH!!! Another addition to the family! I am so glad that everything is going as planned for you guys! We are looking forward to seeing Cainan, now we just to all get home at the same time!

E R I C A said...

He is just precious! I could just eat him up. What beautiful eyes he has. Your family is truly lucky.

We adopted Sophie from Chenzhou back in March. Seeing your photos of the wooden benches at the registration office, the hotel room and the playroom at the hotel brought back bittersweet memories.

If you want good Chinese food, on the 2nd floor of the hotel they have incredible food. Our travel group ate there many times, and we were charged like $3 per couple. And we ate a ton! Very good, especially the spicy beef and green beans.

Congratulations!! Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of the trip. You've got yourself a cutey!


Marilyn, Paul, PJ, & Chris said...

Congratulations!!! He is adorable! You could stare at those eyes all day. Reading your blog brought back so many memories of our adoption last November. Wishing you a happy, loving and easy transition period.

The Rhude Family