Friday, August 31, 2007

Comment that made me laugh

I have to share this comment I recieved. I had Finley and Cainan in the stroller when I was picking up Arlington at school today. One of Arlington's teachers came over and asked if they were twins. After I explained our situation, she said, "Well, they could be twins! You never know these days with modern science." Huh? That would be a miracle since Finley is blonde hair, blue eyes, and Cainan is, well - Chinese! :) That made me chuckle. My husband, is a Geneticist, and I told him he needs to work on that in his lab!


Elaine said...

That's so funny because my husband, Jerod, has a sister adopted from Korea. They are four days apart in age. Once when they were little his mom had them dressed alike and someone asked her if they were twins! Since Jerod also has blonde hair and blue eyes, it was all she could do not to laugh in the lady's face! :)

Elaine said...

*whoops i meant a year and four days apart*