Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First day alone with both babies

Today Finley was home from school. No she isn't sick - it isn't her day to go. :) Well, she is sick, but nothing that would keep her out of school. It doesn't seem like her sinus infection is all the way gone, so the pediatrician is going to try a stronger antibiotic to try and get her better for good. I think she won't be that until she has been in daycare for about a year!
But I have both the babies home this morning while Arlington is at pre-K. We are picking her up at 11:30, then all three of them will be here this afternoon. Everyone will nap, so it won't be too bad. But so far so good. The babies are playing pretty well together. There is some fighting - mostly Finley fighting to get Cainan away from her toys. But for the most part, as long as I keep their bellies full, they are happy.
Cainan is running a little fever today. He was awake last night for about 1 hour in the middle of the night. Not bad considering! But he was really hot, so I am sure he was uncomfortable. After the tylenol kicked in, he was back asleep. He does have a hard time settling himself down when he gets woken up. He doesn't really have a comfort measure since he really can't suck on anything. I am trying to come up with something!
Anyway, we are getting ready to head out now and pick up Arlington. Bye for now!


alison said...

You have 2 beautiful babies!!! (3 counting big sis). Cainan is a tiny guy...our Audrey came home at 14 months and weighed just 15 pounds and severly delayed....you wouldn't know it now. With lots of love and Mc Donalds you will have Cainan back on tract real soon. Thanks again for sharing your story!!

Elaine said...

They are so cute playing together! You must be having a ball! How special it is to have him and what a blessing. By the pictures you've posted it looks like girls have taken to him very well.

When will Cainan undergo his surgery? Will there be more than one?