Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Most of you have "met" Bella from previous post on our blog.  Bella is another little girl who is 5 years old that has the same diagnosis as Finley.  They both have LCA RDH12.  We met Bella's family last summer at the LCA conference, and now they are a part of our family.  They are big part of the RDH12 Fund for Sight and have raised tons of money to help save Bella's sight.  We are so proud and so happy to call them friends.

Bella's family is holding a golf tournament in October of this year, and we would love if you could attend.  If you are local to her family, or even if you are not, this is a great way to support our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  This golf tournament has the potential of raising a significant amount toward our $250,000 goal, but we need your help.  And, if you can't attend, it would be great if you could be a sponsor!  Please look over their information below and see if there is a way you can help.  You helping Bella, helps Finley, and all children with RDH12 LCA.  So we thank you.

If you click on the pictures below, you can make them larger so you can read them clearly!!!

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