Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How the family is handling the move

Arlington is really the only child who understands what is going on.  Mat and I still toss and turn about the whole thing, but we are the adults, we have moved 9 times before, and we know what this means.

At 8 years old, this is Arlington's first move that she actually has feelings about.  Before this, she was really too young to really understand what it met.  We moved here before she went to Kindergarten, so she didn't have the ties she has now.

When we first talked to Arlington about our move, she cried.  A lot.  Arlington tends to be pretty emotional anyway, so I knew she would not take this news in stride.  And that was okay.  This is going to be a big change for a little girl.

She listed all the things she didn't want to leave.  Her friends, she school, her swing set, Destination Imagination, the ice cream place, softball, lacrosse, on and on and on.  All valuable points.  It is a lot for her to take in.  She has really wonderful friends, and really loves our town, so it was just devestating to her that she won't grow up here.

This has been the hardest part for Mat and I.  Watching Arlington take this so hard.  Knowing that it is our "fault" really that this is happening.  We aren't being forced to move, we are choosing to - knowing that this is the right decision for our family.  But it is hard to watch Arlington take this so hard.

Now, don't get me wrong - Arlington is not wallowing in sorrow.  She is up and down about the whole thing.  One minute she doesn't want to go at all, the next she can't wait to move into a new house.  There are some "pluses" in her world.  She has bargained for her own room, and she wants to get a dog.

I will be staying home when we move.  At least for awhile to get everyone settled.  And then after that, I just plan on going back as a school nurse substitute until the kids are older.  So, the dog thing is probably going to happen.  I am not 100% on board with it yet, but I do feel like it will make more sense if I am home during the day.  And her own room?  Done.

We have taken Arlington each time we have gone to look at houses in Massachusetts.  We are trying to make it special for her by not taking her brother and sister along if we don't have to.  We will let her have first pick on her room (although she thinks she is SO funny and picks the Master in every house).  These are the little things we can let her have control over when I know she feels like her world was turned upside down.

So this weekend, Arlington will take her third trip with us as we go to Boston to look at more houses.  And we love sharing that time with her.  She truly gets excited when she walks around - notices things we never would.  She swings on every swing set, and twirls around in the bedroom she deems "hers".  It makes it easier for all of us.


Andrew said...

Poor kiddo. I've been thinking about her. She's so fun, though, that she will make a ton of new friends really quickly.

Andrew said...

FYI - Andrew = Aunt Tricia :-)