Thursday, May 26, 2011

When a House is a Home

Today, our real estate agent that is going to sell our property came by to look over the property and take pictures.
This is the real estate agent who actually was our buyer's agent when we moved to Connecticut.  We absolutely love her, and were excited that we could use her again on the sale of our home.
Today, as I walked her around the house - talking about what we have done to make the house ours, it reminded me about how more bitter than sweet this move is.  For the first time in the 8 places we have lived, I am most attached to this house.
I won't deny that I love this house.  I love what we have done to it to make it our home.  The people before us might not have loved it, but we do.  And we had so many more projects planned for it over the next few years.

But now, it will be someone else's house.  Someone else's project.  And that is a little sad.  For the first time I care if they change the paint.  Or don't like what we have done with the landscaping and the yard.  That they don't appreciate the finished basement we worked so hard on.  Or they don't love that the master bedroom is the perfect size.  That the area is quiet, and when I look out any of my 20 plus windows, I see nothing but green.  That the trees we have not cut down have meaning to us, and that is why we left them alone.  How proud we are of our stone walls on both sides of our property.  That Mat worked for a week straight on the firepit in the backyard and it is perfect.  That the back porch is big enough for the kids to ride bikes on.  That the farmers porch is a perfect size for rocking chairs on a cool summer evening. 
So - it is going to be hard to leave.  Hard to know that our hard work, especially outside, will be someone else's gain this time.  We will be leaving behind a little bit of our hearts in this house.

The previous 7 residences were just houses.  This was truly our first home.
So - if you are looking for a great house in a great neighborhood in Salem Connecticut, this property is for you.  9 acres of quiet, green, beautiful land and house.

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Anonymous said...

Jen - Your house is beautiful! Larry says he's inspired to go out and do some landscaping! Marge