Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finley's IEP

Wednesday was Finley's IEP for Kindergarten.  I have been looking forward to this to just see what the recommendations they were going to make.  I had full confidence that it was going to go smoothly.

They did a Kindergarten screening on her and she did really well.  This is the screening that every Kindergarten student has before they enter - problems or not.  She got a 96/100 on her test.  We were proud!  She would have gotten the rest but she refused to name her body parts.  The teacher was very impressed on what she knew and what she could do.  I was proud of her.

So the IEP goals are going to be such:

Braille goals:  (too extensive to list): 3 times a week for 45 minutes a session before school
1:1 paraprofessional 5 days a week
1/2 counseling a week to teach self-advocating skills
Occupational therapy consult 1 time a month
Orientation and Movement Specialist 2 times a month
CCTV (close caption TV) for her to use to enlarge books, papers, etc.

The rest of the time we talked about the "other things" that will be done - like strips on the stairs, the computer system and embosser the school will have.  We talked about how all the rooms that she will be in will be decluttered.

It was a great meeting.  I am very lucky to have such a wonderful school and a wonderful support system from our Board of Education Services of the Blind.  I feel very confident that Finley will have a good start next year with these goals, and know that everyone involved would be watching out for her constantly.

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Penny said...

I love IEP meetings. You get so much information on your child. Its one of the biggest of advantages. When Abby didn't have an IEP (and was sighted) I felt so out of touch what was going on in the classroom. We are having a transition meeting for second grade and I am excited. Our TVI calls, emails and has little meetings with me often. I am sure Finley is going to do great.