Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Around 1:30pm today, I got a call from Arlington's school nurse saying she had a minor accident on the playground.  Arlington, being super dramatic, was crying so hard that the nurse said she had a "good set of lungs".  Yeah.  That's our girl!

Anyway - she had tripped over herself on the blacktop near the playground and hurt her finger.  And when I said hurt it - she tore off most of the skin on the top including the nail.

I will pause while you cringe.

I am sure it hurt very, very badly.  And she does not like the sight of blood.  At all.  How she is related to me, I have no idea.  So she kind of freaked out and refused to let anyone touch it at first.  It was bleeding a lot, before the nurse got to her, and I don't think the teachers helped by telling Arlington her finger was "gushing blood".  I am sure that is when she lost it.

They called the nurse out of her meeting and calmed Arlington down.  Then they called me, and then I talked with Arlington.  She was calm, but not wanting to stay at school because it was hurting.  And she was traumatized.  So - Mat went and got her. 

If Arlington goes into the medical field, I will be surprised.  When I went to take the bandaid off tonight, she wouldn't look at it and started to cry immediately.  She wanted it covered right back up.  But hey - I have been a nurse for 14 years - blood and guts is my life.  I had to stare at it and really check it out.  It was kind of fascinating how she managed to do this by just falling down.  And I wanted to make sure it was clean.  She wouldn't let me touch it, but I did manage to put new antibiotic ointment on it, make sure it wasn't bleeding any more, and re-bandage before she became hysterical.

Oh, and I took a picture.

First - here is a picture of Arlington being dramatic - I had her turn on the full effect for the camera because otherwise, you wouldn't believe that she actually looked like this when I was just looking at her bandaid.
And - if you are squeamish - don't look at the next picture.  But this is our history, and that is what mom's do.  So just skip over it if you want.
Yeah.  I don't think she will be playing softball tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Oh wow- that just isn't very pretty but from the Mom who raised A.J not so bad!!!!

Michelle said...

How on earth did she do that???