Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy School Nurse's day

Blogger has been down, so I am back tracking!!  Unreal - I have missed two days - did you think I fell asleep?  Went on vacation?  Actually had a life?

No - it is blogger's fault.  I kept getting a message about maintenance.  But today we are back to normal (Friday), so I am posting what I would have posted those two days.

Today was School Nurse's day.  I got a lot of wonderful presents from my staff and students.  It was really great.  3rd grade read me a poem.  1st grade wrote me letters.  4th grade made me a card and gave me two flower pens.  The staff gave me a pretty knick knack.  Linda, my supervisor, gave me flowers.  My principal - a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

But the best of all?  From several of my parents - I got beautiful cards and donations to our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  What a wonderful thing that was.  It brought me to tears to open all of those cards and see money for our girl.  I could never thank them enough.

So it was a great day.  The kids wished me Happy Nurse's day all day long.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful place to work and a great job.

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