Saturday, September 8, 2012

A few catch up pictures

This past week with the kids starting school, and me getting ready for a small fundraiser we had this weekend, I took some pictures I didn't have time to post.  (this is considered being a bad parent to the grandparents)

So - here are a few things that happened!

Arlington got her hair cut really short.  It is really cute on her

 Finley ate a cookie the size of her head at Eat N Park:
We made an orange brain with Finley's jello mold:
 The kids cooled off in a local lake:

 The kids helped paint the dog house.  It is......ahem......beautiful  (cough cough).....

 Rosebud waiting for us to leave so she can dig a hole somewhere:
 Trying to coax the dog in.  They didn't want to go in there:

 Rosebud is as cute as she is bad:
 Scooby being forced to stay there:

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