Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week in Review

Pictures in this post are Cainan at his soccer game.  He is #2. :)

 This week we stayed busy.  Monday I had lunch with Lindsay.  Yummmmmmmm......sushi......

Tuesday I spoke at the Humanitarian club at our local high school.  They help with community events, and help with fundraising, etc. for different non-profits, so I went in to talk about our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  They were a really big group, and so sweet.  Great kids.

Wednesday I participated in a graduate study that my friend Sonja (and fellow LCA mom) is doing.  It is a study on mom's of vision impaired/blind children.  We have to do three separate interviews (my second one is today).  It is good therapy to talk about it, so I have enjoyed helping her out.

Wednesday was also the cirriculum night for Cainan and Finley's classes.  Of course they were on the same night and at the same time.  Luckily Mat was in town, so we were both able to go.  And kids were invited (although I hope they cut this piece out next year) so everyone came along. 
Cainan's soccer practice was also Wednesday night.  It was right before cirriculum night, so that boy was tired by the time he went to bed.

Thursday and Friday Mat was traveling on a business trip.  That is always fun.  Not.

Thursday I spoke to the trail council for our event we are planning here in Massachussetts.  They were really great, and we worked out a lot of details.  I think it is going to work out perfectly.  Thanks to my friend, Maria, the kids got to hang at her house while I attended this meeting.  They were thrilled because they got chocolate cake and got to watch the Muppets.
Friday was picture day for Arlington at school.  She was less than thrilled.  But she lived.  Friday was also Cainan's first cub scout meeting.  Mat was still gone, so the kids and I went together.  It was a bit chaotic because it was outside, and we were freezing.  But Cainan had a great time.  I will be anxious for him to get started and see if he likes it.  I think he will.

Today started with Cainan's soccer game.  Then Kumon for Cainan.  Then babysitting of a neighbor girl, Arlington having a friend over, Finley going on a playdate, mowing the know....typical weekend stuff.
Arlington has had boat loads of homework.  I love this teacher, but even I am overwhelmed some nights with what she has to do.  But she is doing great.  Thank goodness for cheat sheets for parents when it comes to math.  It has been awhile since I have had to define rhombus.....quadrangle........quadrilateral.......polygon.  Seriously - is this 4th grade?

Finley talks and talks about her days at first grade.  She really does love it.  Things are going very well so far, and I hope it continues.  She is keeping on pace with the rest of the class, and they are really challenging her to think. 
Cainan doesn't tell me much about Transitional.  He tells me he has fun, and what his friends and he did that day.  As for learning.....well, I have to assume he is doing some.  The cirriculum seems very easy right now, from what he brings home, but my guess is the teacher needs to see where the kids are (since it is quite a wide range of learning abilities in there) and then will start to branch out.  At least I hope so.  I know he isn't there to gain a lot of new knowledge, but just to grow, but hopefully it will be a little bit of challenge for him.

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