Saturday, September 1, 2012

Race Day photos

Larry Orlando, a great friend of our family, was kind enough to take numerous pictures from the day of Finley's race.  I wanted to share them because it was a great day, and we made a lot of great memories.  (and also raised more money as Finley's Fighters than we have ever had in the past).

So - here are the pictures!  Enjoy!  WARNING:  There are a lot (a lot) of photos.  And if this is the first you are seeing out blog, I want to share that nearly $30,000 was made that day, and donations are STILL coming in.  Thank you to EVERYONE.

Trying to decide where to start:
 Marge Orlando setting up for registration:
 Marcia Petko, Maggie Livingston, and Mary Rita Kislan looking over their handiwork:
 Trying to make sure all the race packets are in order:
 Jim Hann and crew put up the biggest tent I have ever seen:
 Linda Suter and Marge sort out the wristbands for the racers:
 Some of our awesome sponsors:
 More of our awesome sponsors:
 Our finish line sponsor was Trib Total Media.  This was a giant sticker made for asphalt:
 Our finish line looks so official!:
 The Kostelnik sisters had to put together a tent that had about a million pieces:
 The tent for facepainting and balloon animals goes up:
 Linda Witt and Marge hanging up one of Finley's signs.  Hmmmm.  Marge is in a lot of these photos - I think I gave her too many jobs to do........
 Our children of our RDH12 group!
 Still trying to put up that crazy tent.  Now they have enlisted Judy Haines to help:
 Marcia Petko and Diane Ratai get in on the action.  This tent WILL go up eventually:
 Mary Louise Hornick - AKA the goddess of the basket raffle - gets the tables set up:
 My in-laws, Ben and Sally, and my three hoodlums get the bounce house spread out:
 Finley is ready to steak someone.....I mean, help put the bounce house up:
 Karen Macko, Linda Suter, Diane Ratai, and Marge (oh boy, there she is again) get ready at the registration table:
 Mat and I and Maggie Livingston (along witht the Kostelniks not pictured) manned the pre-registration table:
 Dave White - one of our high school friends - checks in:
 The pre-registration line gets a little long:
 Finley with one of our volunteers - Linda Ruth:
 Pre-registration madness:
 The tent made it up!!:
 Arlingotn and Cainan meet Alicia Hruby (the young lady I mentioned in yesterday's post):
 Registration is in full swing now:
 Judy Haines is in charge of shirt orders:
 We had a lot of walk ins - it was GREAT!:
 Donna Leighty and Mary Louise get the basket raffle tickets all set up:
 Susan Morrison and Donna selling those tickets!  We made over $3500 at the basket raffle:
 The Bullskin fair queen came by as well.  And on the right is our OLDEST walker - Nick Mazella.  At 80 years old walked the whole 5K!
 The crowd before the races start:
 Mary Louise and Chris Hornick.  My Godparents - what would I do without them:

 Mat had to leave pre-registration and start to make speeches at the beginning of the race, so Aunt Betty Pletcher and Maria Fiore (Bella, her daughter, is one of our RDH12 kids) stepped in and helped.  Thank goodness because it got crazy.  Checking in 270 people was crazy:
 Mat and Finley get the races started:
 Starting to line up:
 Our race day sponsor: Corner Stone Appraisals:
 And one of the races begins!!
 Waiting for another race:

 Bella got to start another race:
 The 5K walkers are off:
 Bella and Finley hanging out as the races begin:
 The Fiore family:
 1 mile fun run takes off:
 Those awesome baskets:

 Starting to set up for lunch.  Holy Lord - there is Marge again.  I am starting to think she is photobombing:
 My nephew "E" and Cainan watching Uncle Tom make balloon animals:

 Carol and Jonathan Kelly (the makers of the toy basket and my oldest friend) check in for lunch:
 My sister in law, Jess.  Jess is a selfless person, and I know she would blush if I told you what a wonderful person and huge supporter she has been for Finley.  My whole family has been.  Jess painted faces for 4 hours -without a break even with me begging she take one - and without complaint:
 The face painting/balloon animal tent is always the most popular:

 Bounce house gets going - Finley takes the first bounce:

 The basket raffle area was always busy:
 Lori Kinney (her daughter, Abigail, has RDH12) and her mom Cathy.  They ended up winning the quilt my mother in law made!!  So exciting:
 Look at all of those shirts!  Jenelle Cummings, a local Connellsville high school (recent) graduate designed the shirts this year.:
 Finley hands out the trophies to our winners of all 4 races:

 I am pretty sure this is the overall winner of the 10K.  I say that because she came in FIRST place NOT ONLY for the women, but OVERALL - ahead of the men.  Yeah:

 Mat's cousins Doug and Patty Lyday came to the race all the way from Indiana state.  They were out FIRST registrants overall.  PRetty cool:
 Our 100th registrant:
 Our 200th registrant:
 We had a little drawing for the kids.  I put all the kids names in a hat and gave away one boy and one girl present (mostly school supplies).  this is the little boy winner:
 Our little girl winner was Bella Fiore!!:
 Oh look - there is Marge Orlando again.  IT is like playing "where's waldo". :)

 Nicole Rota starts to help with the face painting:
 Our RDH12 families there:  Fiores, Pletchers, Kinneys:
 Jim Meyers played for 2 straight hours to be our music entertainment.  He did an amazing job and we want him back again next year!:
 Food line is now open!:


 This was the first year we almost needed more seating:

 Jess still hard at work:
 Baskets and more baskets:
 We had two kids games this year.  We hope to add more and more each year:
 Donna Hruby and my Father in LAw - Ben helped check in the lunch folks:
 Some of the sweet teenager volunteers painted nails and did tattoos for the kids:
 The is my Great Aunt Mary and my grandmother, Bonnie.  So glad they were there:
 My Aunt Renee (my mom's sister) and my 92 year old Granpa Phil were there too!:
 The RDH12 girls drew the names for the basket raffle prizes:

 Because we love a good party, even when the event was over, we had our family and friends over to my mom's house for pizza and socialization.  We had a great time:

 The Kinney family:
 Maria and Mike Fiore.  They are from New York, and we had our favorite local pizza.  We told them not to judge:
 The after party.  Even that was in red!
 My sister in law, Teen, and Nicole:

 This is what happens when you are tired and someone MIGHT spike your coffee:
 The kids enjoying my mom's flowers:
 Finley picked some flowers:
 Oh look.....there's MArge:
 The kids: Bella, Reese, Finley, Abigail, Ava, Anthony, Arlington, and Cainan:
 We even had a wedding!  Bella and Cainan got married:
 The kids ended the night with a game of hot potato:

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