Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Computer problems

So - my laptop decided it was time to cause problems.  First the battery went.  Then the little place where I plug in the computer decided to not work, so I can't even run the computer by plugging it into the wall.  It is sad. 

So, I am having to use Finley's Ipad to type.  That is not ideal.  It is not very good for typing.  Especially blog post.  And I can't post pictures because I have no idea if I can plug my camera into the Ipad to download the pictures.  I am sure you can't.  Apple is cool like that.

So tomorrow the computer is going to the computer hospital.  And Mat ordered me a new battery.  Until then, my blog post will be short.  I know you are sad.

I will tell you this.  Cane travel lessons for Finley have gotten to the point where she will start to use it other than in lessons.  So - we are starting to pump it up for her.  Right now, she is trying to think of a name for her cane.  This has proven harder than I thought.  Who knew naming a large white stick would take a few days of thought?  She told me she would get back to me.

We are also going to get her keychains to attach to the string on the top of the cane.  Since she can't decorate it with stickers, etc., keychains is the way to go.  She has decided she would like to earn the following:  elephants, skeletons, skelanimals, dogs.  Raise your hand if you are surprised.

I will also tell you, that Arlington is a freakin' drama queen.  When did 9 become the new 13?  Her emotions are so unpredictable that we are afraid to talk to her.  She is a mess.  She needs boarding school.

I have nothing to report on Cainan because he is normal, non-dramatic, and a good boy.  The end.

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