Monday, September 3, 2012

Almost time for school

The kids are crazy, and it is time to go back.  I listen to a lot of moms on facebook say how they are so sad their babies are going back to school soon, and how they will miss them during the day.

Yeah, you aren't going to hear that from me.  I may miss them....a little.  But they need to go back to school.  Summer vacation is just a bit too long.  The kids have been getting on each other's nerves for a few weeks now (and mine) and so school is just the respite everyone needs.

I have washed the bookbags, and laid out the first day of school outfits.  This weekend we all went swimming one last time.  We went and got all the needed items for 3 lunches and 3 snacks every day.

We took a walk yesterday - even took the dogs - on a trail near the house.  It was a beautiful paved trail, and it looks like we might hold an event in our new hometown there next year.  It was a lot of fun to walk along the trail.  The kids ran and the dogs got some great exercise. 

Tomorrow Mat returns to work, and the kids and I run a few last minute errands before school.  Let the fun begin!

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