Saturday, September 29, 2012

more pictures

I took some pictures of my flowers that are newly blooming for the fall.  I still have quite a few summer flowers still in bloom, but these are the ones that make me happy right around this time each year.  I love fall - it is my favorite season. 

I got my new battery and new cord for my laptop.  Last step will get the connection fixed that holds the power cord and I will be back in business.
I am not sure what these first two flowers are.  I got some "free seeds" when I ordered some nursery plants, and this is what came up recently!

 This is a Chinese Lantern.  It is really cool.  It will turn red, but I was excited to see it was showing up, so I took it's picture.  It is really delicate:
 Burning bush:
 My mums are almost all in bloom.  They look really great:
 No idea what this is, but I have quite a bit of it:
 These are fire pokers.  I am actually surprised to see these blooming right now - they are more of a summer plant:
 I have a lot of colors of mums.  The people before me had them spread all over the place, but I grouped them all together:

  My last iris.  You can't tell from the picture but this one is HUGE:
 Can't remember what this is.  It just popped up under my pine trees:

 Stone crop.  One of my favorite plants.  I have a ton of it:

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