Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Not much going on today. Mat is working and I am home with the three kids. The little ones have been acting kind of tired this morning and cranky, but as long as I kept changing their activities, they hung on until 1pm for a nap! We are having some friends over this evening. Close friends who have a little girl Arlington's age, and a set of 9 month old twins! We have been friends a long time, and Arlington and their little girl are the best of friends. WE will have 6 kids in this house - we could open our own daycare! But it is nice that we have kids all relatively close in age so that they can all play together.
Today is the first day we haven't gone anywhere, and that has been nice. No doctor's, no school, no errands. Just staying home all day. Maybe that is why the kids are cranky! They want to go shopping!
Here are some pictures from today. There were several cute ones.

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Donna Kay Moore said...

I love, love, love seeing the three of them play!

I would need a personal assistant to keep all those doctor visits straight...good luck with that!

But seriously, I'm glad the visits are going well. He'll be all fixed up before you know it!