Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cainan Turns 6

Last Saturday, June 2nd, Cainan turned 6 years old.  Where has the time gone.  Where is that chubby little baby that we brought home so many years ago.  Now we have a big boy that is just about done with Kindergarten.  Time goes by too fast.

I wrote his birthday "love" post last weekend, so today I will share a few pictures from the family party we had on his special day.  After the pancake breakfast last Saturday, we had a party for him at my parent's house.  We were joined by Mat's parents, Aunt Betty, the Orlandos, and my grandparents.  It was fun and he get a boat load of really great presents.  (which is about to be multiplied tomorrow at his friends party here in Massachusetts).

Here are the pictures!

Cainan's shirt for his special day:

 Decorations and present table:
 Decorated main table:

 The cake was so cute!!

 Arlington and Cainan sport some "Mater" hats:
 Party gets started:
 Happy Birthday Cainan!

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