Friday, June 1, 2012

Pancake breakfast for Finley

We made it safely to Pennsylvania and are getting ready to participate in a whirlwind of activities.  My guess is I won't be getting back to the blog until Monday night.  We will see how the next few days go.

Tomorrow morning is a Pancake breakfast for Finley.  A teacher and her students at my sister in law's school wanted to hold this for Finley and we could be more excited to be here to attend.  WE will be there all morning - from 8am-12pm so if you are in the Beaver County area, come by and see us!  We can't wait.

Tomorrow Cainan turns 6.  Where did the time go?  5 years ago today, we found out we were getting to adopt him.  Here we are, 5 years later, and our happy boy is growing up.  He is so excited about his birthday.  We are having a family party tomorrow here at my parent's house, and his friend party is next week.

See you soon!

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