Monday, June 11, 2012

Prayer request

I am feeling under the weather, so picture posts will have to wait.

But in the mean time, I would love all of my Finley's Fighters to pray for another little girl.  I have corresponded with this mother, and have gotten to know them via blog world over the last 18 months.  Her little girl is the same age as Finley, and even reminds me of her a little bit.  Her daughter has been battling cancer, and she is about to lose that battle.

As long as I have been a nurse, I cannot get past why kids get cancer.  There is nothing that breaks my heart more than the death of a child from cancer. 

This little girl's battle is at the end.  She was doing well, but has recently taken a turn for the worse.  I can't even read her blog without crying for her family.  I cannot cannot cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a child.

I get it now.  I get why you love Finley so much.  I feel that love for this little girl who I have never met and her family.  My heart is broken for what is about to happen to them. 

Her name is Lucy.  She is 5.  She has lost her sight on top of everything else.  She is going to pass away soon.  If you could please go to her blog and leave a comment for her family. 

It is too much, God.  Too much.

Visit them HERE:

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