Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It was Company's fault

I haven't posted for a few days because we have been busy with company.  My in-laws and my niece and nephew "M" and "G" were in visiting for a few days.  It was nice to have them here, and reconfirmed that our family is complete with 3 children.  I always felt like I was doing a head count with 5 children out and about.  I got some pretty interesting looks at the playground.  And I think I got a look of "oh my" at the library.  They were all well behaved but it is......a lot of kids.

My kids loved having their cousins here.  I am hoping that we can make having my niece "M" here an annual thing.  She is such a well behaved, smart little girl.  Love having her with us.  I think my kids would love to hang with her for some of the summer, since we don't get to see her much.  She is my oldest niece (oldest of all the nieces and nephews - there are a lot) so she is the closest in age to my kids, being almost 7.  We love it.

Anyway - back on track with pictures.  Were the heavens had I left off?  Eh, doesn't matter.  Let's go with pictures from this few days.

We will start with when "M" and "G" arrived.  We had pizza and celebrated Father's day with Mat and my father-in-law, Ben.  We had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, which is always awesome:

 On Monday, Sally and I went to watch some of Arlington's Field day at her school.  WE got there just for the end and got to see the tug of war.  Her class did really well.  Ended up coming in 2nd out of the 6 3rd grade classes!

 On Monday afternoon, after school, we went to a local playground called "Castle in the Trees".  It is a huge playground, and my kids love to go there.  I think "M" and "G" had a good time - they didn't want to leave!

 On Tuesday morning, we started with Arlington's Author's breakfast.  Her class at school (as well as all the third grades) to an author's breakfast where the kids read things they have written.  Tuesday was Arlington's class's turn.  She did a great job - all the kids did.

 Today was the LAST day of school.  It was finally here, and the kids were really excited.  I know have a 4th grader, a 1st grader, and a transitional kid.  Where did my babies go?

Now I am all caught up.  Tomorrow is the first day of our summer vacation, and we are so glad to not have to get up at 6:30 and rush around for a few months. 

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Just Me said...

Yay for the end of school! My daughter's ended the middle of last week and she was off to Grandma's a couple days later. I look forward to August when she comes back ... we have all kinds of activities planned.