Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kindergarten Performance

Last Wednesday, Finley and Cainan had their Kindergarten Performance.  It was really cute.  They sang songs, and then after the classes had little parties where we gave the teachers there end of the year presents.  I took some video, but then my camera died.  I took some more on my phone, so if I ever figure out how to get it off of there, I will put it on the blog.  Finley was really into it.  She did great.

Here are the little videos:  I could only get two to cooperate.  I will try again tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures.

Finley and Cainan before School:
 This mural covers one whole wall in the cafeteria - I love it:
 Cainan and his class walking in:
 Waiting for it to start:
 Finley's whole class:
 Cainan's whole class:
 Sweet girls "S" and "V":
Most of the Kindergarten kids.  There are 5 Kindergarten classes:
 Cainan's teacher:
 Finley's teacher:
 Getting ready to sing:

Finley showing her moves:

 Cainan showing his moves:

 Getting ready to go back to class:
Party in Finley's class:
 Party in Cainan class:
 Cainan and his good buddy "A":
 Finley's aide, Lee -Ellen (on the right) and the teacher's aid, Mrs. Leone, on the left:
 Giving the teachers cards she made for them:

 Cainan's teacher showing the kids her present:
 The kids each made a scrapbook page and a mom put it all together:
 Cainan and his girlfriend "G":
Finley and her teacher, Mrs. Donahue:
 Finley and her super, fabulous, out of this world aid: Lee-Ellen:
 Finley and one of her besties: "L":
 Finley and girls:  So silly!
 Cainan and his teacher, Mrs. Hurley.  She was a perfect fit for him:
 Trying to get a class picture:

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