Friday, June 15, 2012

Cainan's 6th Birthday Friend party

Last weekend we had Cainan's party with his friends.  He was so excited about having this party, he could hardly stand it.  We have always waited to have a friend party until the kids are in Kindergarten.  So this was a big deal.  Plus, on top of that, since Finley and Cainan were babies, they have always had their birthday's together.  So this was his OWN special day.

There were about 22 kids in all - including my own.  We went to a place called Jump On In.  It is an indoor jump house place that is really fun for the kids.  They love it.  There are two huge rooms of bounce houses, and the kids got to bounce for about 1 1/2 hours.  After that, we go into the party room, and we had pizza and cupcakes and ice cream. 

Cainan had a blast.  All the kids seemed to have fun.  Enjoy the pictures!!

Arlington had a blast:
 It was hard to catch a picture of the birthday boy:

 Our neighbor, "S" running by:
 Finley coming down a slide:
 "V" - friend of the kids:
 "R" trying a slide:
 Finley loved this slide:
 Our neighbor, "S" takes a turn:
 Our neighbor "M":

 The cupcake table.  These cupcakes and the chocolate toppers were made by my friend Courtney.  She does an amazing job:
 Look at these!!!  These are chocolate!  So cool:

 The Party Room:

 See the orange cones on the table?  Those are plastic cups I found on Amazon! 

 Cainan and his bestie "J"
 Classmates having fun:

 Most of the group.  It was impossible to make this picture be anything but nuts:

 Birthday boy had a special chair:

 The loot:

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Just Me said...

Those indoor bounce places are WONDERFUL. We only have one in our area and with our winters, it's a saving grace for parents of young ones. The owners want to expand to other towns due to the popularity and I'm hoping they're successful.

Looks like everyone had an amazing time. :)