Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picture dump

Yay - the wireless internet is FINALLY working in our house which means I could get my pictures onto the blog.  Do - for the next couple of post, it will be pictures from the last week or so!  I know you are thrilled.

Let's start with Memorial Day picnic one.  I forgot to take my camera to picnic too, so you will just have to imagine all the fun we had there.

This is the party at our neighbor's house, the Geall's.  We had a great time with them, the Gloriosos, and the Hamiltons.  We are lucky to have amazing neighbors.

This is the kids doing some sparklers.  No idea how this picture got to the top of the group, but oh well.  This was taken near the end of the night.  Mrs. Glorioso is in the middle.
 The kids in the kiddie pool.  They were in there until they were blue:

 Having a snow cone after some pool time:
 Then the Geall's broke out their bounce house, which the kids used to dry off and bounce themselves until they were tired:

 Then they were starving.  This is a picture of all the kids that were there:
 Arlington and her two besties - "H" on the left, and "C" (our other neighbor) in the center:
 Camp out time.  The guys (and one gal) spent the night in the Geall's back yard.  All the kids camped, except for Cainan and the one little baby.  The only reason Cainan didn't stay was there wasn't room for all three kids and an adult in our tent.  We need a new tent:
 Finley standing by the fire pit hoping someone will come and light it and give her a smore:

 Mat, Andy and little "T" taking down the bounce house:
 More kids started to want smores.  They started chanting - it was pretty funny:

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