Monday, October 1, 2012

Braille Awareness Month

October is Braille Awareness Month.  As you know, Braille Awareness is high on our list here in the Pletcher household.  ANY type of literacy is high on our list.  Finley may always have to read a little different than her brother and sister, but she will READ.

Listening to books on tape is not literacy.  It is not reading.  As great as books on CD, books on Ipad/Ipod/electrical device are, they are not what is meant by reading.  I want Finley to learn how to READ.  She will never be able to read like Arlington and Cainan, but she CAN READ.  She is learning to read braille.

Mat and I have learned braille.  Finley's aide is learning braille.  We are showing her how important it is.

This month I will be back to making Braille items.  Shirts, hats, bags, and even Christmas Ornaments.  We also have our Finley's Fighters Keychains for sale.

IF you would like something brailled, email me at and let me know!  Shirts and bags are $15.  Hats will vary on the cost/style of the hate.  Ornaments are $3.  Keychains are $5.

All money goes to our RDH12 Fund for Sight!  Thanks for your support.

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