Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I thought I would use today to catch up on the past weekend, and just tid bits.

This past weekend, my parents were in visiting, and the kids had a great time.  It was especially hard on Arlington when they left Sunday.  She wishes they lived closer as do all of us.  It is nice to have someone else to play with the kids every once in awhile.

Grammy played battleship with Arlington, and got some help from the little ones.
Arlington loves to play any kind of game.
We also watched the Steelers win this week's playoff game.  We loved having party food for the game. 
 Our families are big fans of the Steelers, so it was fun to watch it with others for a change.
My mom helped me organize the game closet in the playroom, and we were really proud that we found all pieces to all games down there.  We got them all sorted out, and put on our new shelves.  That was a big help for a big job.

(my mom is sitting in Finley's chair)

After they left on Sunday, we went to church and ran some errands.  The kids were crazy, so we ran those errands quickly.

We went to Lowes to buy drywall to (finally) patch the whole in the playroom.  We had a rain storm, and there wasn't a leak, so we feel confident that we can patch it up and get on with the playroom renovation.  Thank goodness.  The kids miss those toys.
Our trip to Lowes was slightly challenging because the drywall proved to be a bit big for our van, and well - we had an interesting ride home.  It is always an adventure for Mat and I - just another chapter in the book.

Finley put a tattoo on herself on Sunday before church.  That was delightful.  The Robin tattoo she chose went perfectly with her dress for church.  (inset sarcasm font).  She put it right on her wrist.  What was better was that it was her brothers, and he was not pleased.  What was even better is that she announced "I am perfect, I am fashion" when she showed us the tattoo.

Yesterday all three kids had dentist appointments, and all teeth look great.  My kids are weirdos and love going to the dentist.  Children's dentist do spoil the kids - toothpaste and new brushes, stickers, and bookmarks, and floss.  Yes floss.  My kids love the floss.  They do not use it appropriately (I saw Finley using it on her dolls hair one day before I confiscaded it) but they do love getting it.

I let Arlington and Finley do kid makeup on me the other day, and they also did my hair.  They love to play beauty shop.  I cannot believe I am posting this, but Arlington took my picture and made me promise I would put it on the blog.
Today we are home again from school.  Our third snow day in a week.  Today was due to snow and ice.  We didn't get much of either, but apparently enough to stop school.  The kids were excited to have an extended weekend, and got along pretty well today.

Don't forget - the Chicken and Biscuit dinner is this coming Thursday in Connellsville for Finley!  We hope you can come!  Shirts and wristbands are being sold as well.  Thanks for your support.

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Great look for you. I look pretty good in Fnley's chair!!!

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