Thursday, January 27, 2011

When Life Gives You Snow

You take pictures.

At this point, I feel like Mother Nature has turned a deaf ear to my pleas to back off on the snow.  This week took the cake.  Monday was our only full day of school.  Tuesday was a 2 hour delay, and yesterday was an early dismissal.  Today?  Today was another cancellation.  Because we woke to this.
(This is our back patio)

On top of the 50 inches we already have from the last 4 (or 10, I lost count) storms, we added another 14 inches to our pile last night.
(Stairs to no where)

So, when the call came in, instead of crying into my pillow like I wanted to - knowing that this really bites into our summer vacation plans - I rolled over, and went back to sleep.
(Our back patio)

At 8am, Mat got out of bed and drug me outside to help him shovel.  We opened the garage door, and I immediately wanted to go back inside.  A small whimper left my lips.  But - I don't like to be trapped for long, so that meant digging out.

This is our driveway:
It is under there somewhere.  Between the snow mounds.  Right the middle.

This is the top of our driveway.
Under this enormous pile used to be our beautiful stone wall.  I think it is still there.  Not sure - haven't seen it in a few weeks.

This is a shot of our backyard from the driveway.  There are steps that lead up to the yard.  Yep.  I promise they are under about 50 inches of snow.
This is Mat's car once we started to dig it out.  The front was completely covered.
Thank goodness for our awesome neighbor and his snow blower.  He came up and did out driveway and all the way down to the road.  He asked us if we missed Florida yet.
The snow has gotten so bad this winter, I almost said YES to that.  Shudder.
After 2 hours, the outside was shoveled enough that we could get out, so we called it quits.  I could barely move my arms at this point, so it was time to go inside.
(this is our back patio - this is ridiculous)

After Mat left for work, the kids and I went down into the playroom.
Yes, folks, it is DONE.
Okay - well it is sort of done.
We still have some things to do: the baseboards, the door trim, and the doors to the cabinet.
But at least the kids can use it, and stay out of my hair the upstairs for part of the day.

My in-laws gave the kids a really great art table for Christmas, and we were finally able to put it together.
I am proud of myself because I put it together all by myself today (with Arlington as my helper).

It came with cute little stools.
And it has a place for all their art supplies.
And it came with a paper roll, which the girls wasted no time trying out.

We love it - thank you Gramma and Pappy!  We are so glad to have this new table.

Tomorrow is a 2 hour delay start for my district.  I am happy for the chance to sleep in a little longer, so I cannot complain. 

Tomorrow is also Finley's Change for Change day at our local school.  We are going in the afternoon to the assembly to watch the kids put on little skits and sing songs, and then we will talk to the kids about Finley and what is going on with her.  Just another way to get the word out about LCA.

I am reading a new book called "Eye Envy".  When I finish it, I will talk more about it, because it is a book about a guy who is dealing with retinal degeneration - just like Finley.  I am glad I found it.

See you tomorrow.  TGIF.

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