Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poor sick baby

Finley stayed home from school yesterday because her temperature was still 101.  Mat stayed home with her yesterday, which was good, because I have a feeling we are getting another snow storm later this week.  So I wanted to go to work and try to catch up on some things in case that happens.
I checked on her several times during the day and she seemed to be doing better.  She was eating okay and drinking, but mostly just sitting around watching TV.

Today she woke up with a definite cold, but no fever.  She went to school and had a fine day.  She was tired by around 6:30 and was asleep by 7:30 on the dot.  Hopefully after a few good nights of rest, she will be feeling much better.

Cainan also has a cold.  I couldn't take a color photo of him because the poor boy has made the skin around his nose and right cheek very red from rubbing his nose.  He is still his bouncy self, but his skin is suffering.
Cainan came home excited from school today, because today was his best buddy "D's" birthday.  He talked and talked about it.  It is going to be sad when those boys go their separate ways next year for Kindergarten.  I hope Cainan finds a friend just like him at Kindergarten because I love how great they get along.

Arlington got assigned her part for her Destination Imagination group today.  While we cannot talk about it until after the competition, she was very excited.  She is most excited because she gets to design her own costume.  That should be interesting.  Our artistic girl loves to create, so it should be an experience!
Arlington's 8th birthday is coming up soon.  Mat's birthday is coming up as well.  He will be a little older than 8, but not much.  :)  We are going to Disney World this year around Arlington's birthday, so she is excited about going there around her special day.  We are going to be hitting the new Harry Potter park while we are there.  She and I have started reading the books together, since she and Mat have just finished the Chronicles of Narnia Series, so I can't wait to go to this park once we get the first book under our belt.  For her birthday I bought her a Harry Potter robe to wear at the park.  She is going to be so excited.
Mat and I laid the LAST of the floor in the playroom tonight.  It was a momentous occasion, and I would have taken a picture....if there wasn't dust everywhere.  AND, drumroll, the wall is in place and painted and DONE.  The hole is gone.  Tomorrow night we have plans to put the cabinet in place and start to begin to put the playroom back into a usable state.  It is going to be like Christmas all over again for the kids once they can get down there again.  Us too - they are making me crazy not being able to play in there.

Before I go - I want to invite all of you who might live close to NY to come to on RDH12 Fund for Sight event.  This event is being hosted by Bella's Buddies - who are co-founders of RDH12 Fund for Sight with us and two other families.  This is a big event for our Fund and the proceeds will all be donated to RDH12.  So, if you are in the area, below is the flier - just follow the information on the flier and RSVP to attend!  This will help us reach that $150,000 goal we have for this year, so we need all the help we can get from our faithful friends and family.
Thank you for attending!
See you tomorrow.

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