Monday, January 31, 2011

Kindergarten, Cookies, and impending Snow

Finley spent the afternoon in Kindergarten today with my mother-in-law, and her teacher, Gail.  Finley loves going to Kindergarten, and she loves spending time with Gail (and of course her Gramma).  So she had a great day.
My MIL did take the camera with her, and took a few pictures of Finley in Kindergarten.
She has been doing really well, and is able to participate in the class activities, which was nice to see.

This is her teacher, Gail.
Gail has been a life saver this last year and a half since we met her.  I am really going to miss her next year when Finley is no longer her student. (Gail only works with preschool age)
Gail has been there for our whole family.  She means a lot to us.  She has sat with me when I have cried about feeling helpless.  She never comes empty handed when she comes to see Finley - always bringing her a story box, fun paper and stickers, and all kinds of things to make her life easier.
She has been encouraging and fun.  She is witty and easy going.  I just can't say enough good things about her because we wouldn't be where we are without her to lean on.  I can ask her anything at any time, and she calms my nerves.  And if there is something we want to try with Finley, she makes it happen.  BESB is lucky to have her and we are lucky she was assigned to be Finley's vision teacher.
Before Kindergarten today, Finley had an orientation and movement appointment with her specialist, Terri.  Terri met Finley and my in-laws at Target for some practice in a public space.  I gave Finley a little change purse with some money this morning, so she could buy something.  It encouraged her to go to Target with Terry and navigate it with her cane, so that was a plus.  Terry said she did a great job with the cane.  I think Finley's wrist are getting stronger, so she moves pretty well with it now.

Tonight after dinner, Gramma and the kids made these cute little heart cookies.
Gramma had seen the recipe in our Family Fun magazine and wanted to try them.  They are just tortilla shells and sprinkles.  You have to spray the tortilla shells with Pam so that the sprinkles will stick.

She and the kids cut hearts out of the tortillas and then put a lot (a lot) of sprinkles on the cookies.
They all took turns sprinkling the cookies.  There wasn't much left in the sprinkle container when they were done.
Then they bake in the oven for about 5 minutes, and you have these cute little cookies!
 And they tasted pretty good.  Probably because they were covered with sprinkles, but the kids loved them and we thought they were pretty good.  And it was easy and fun.  Thanks Gramma for the fun project!
Tomorrow we are expecting snow.  What?  That doesn't surprise you?  You say what WOULD surprise you would be me telling you we WEREN'T expecting snow?  We are getting a lot of snow and ice, so that day isn't today.

See you tomorrow.

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