Sunday, January 23, 2011

A full weekend of chores

This weekend, Mat and I went full force in getting things done around the house.  Mat doesn't feel well, but we were still able to get the dry wall in place in the hole in the basement and put two coats of sheet rock over it.  Tomorrow we will sand it and I will paint it, and then we can FINALLY move on.
(are you wondering about her hair?)

I have already started to go through the toys in the basement and organize them back into place.  After my mom helped me with the games I was motivated to keep going.  I did the art supplies.  That was a two day job.  We have drawers and drawers of paper, markers, coloring books, you name it.  So I took everything out and organized it into these great soft bins I got at T@rget, and organized everything.  It looks so much better, and a few garbage bins of old paper and non-working markers later, I was a happy girl.
(She came down from her room with this on her head - it is one of Arlington's hair bands, but she is wearing it like an 80's sweatband.  So classy)

I also took all the books off the girl's bookshelf in their room and reorganized them.
I have to say, that this book shelf has been good for well over a year - that this is the first time I have really had to mess with it since it was built so long ago.  I took a picture of it because it looks so good, I want to remember it just like this.
My girls have quite the library of books.  Cainan has quite a few as well, but because Arlington is older (and a true book lover) we have so many more books in their room at this time.
I can't tell you that when I look at these books, especially the books that are specifically for girls, that I wonder if Finley will ever get a chance to read them.  But I hold onto them - just like I hold on to hope that she will be able to enjoy them the way Arlington does.
Yesterday I enjoyed a shopping afternoon all to myself, something I rarely get to do.  I was going to take Arlington with me, but she got called to a playdate at her friend "E's" house.  She was so excited to spend the afternoon with her friend and get to see a movie.  So - off I went alone.

For 3 1/2 hours I strolled the mall - not being rushed, or constantly chattered at, and shopped.  I did really well for the kids and even picked up a few winter items for me.  This is my favorite time of year at the mall because all the winter clothes are deeply discounted.  So I shop for next year.  My biggest buys are always winter coats.  I found Arlington a winter coat that was originally $180 and it was down to $15!!  Now, who in their right mind would pay $180 for a kid's coat, I have no idea.  But this is about typical for us - getting it deeply discounted the year before.  Finley was the same.  The only person who didn't luck out with a coat was Cainan.  I have to continue my search.

But I got a multitude of tops and sweaters and the coats, and even a few pants for all three kids, and spent very little.  Some of Cainan's tops were $1.99!  And the girls were no more than $6.  I like to shop at JCPenny, M@cy's, and Se@rs because they have the best deals.  But Children's Pl@ce didn't let me down either.  I was a happy girl.

This afternoon we took the kids bowling.  They all love it.

We only got to play one round because half way through the game, Finley started to feel rotten (she had been complaining of a stomach ache all morning, but seemed okay by lunch), and so we had to come home.
We had fun while we were there.  I didn't bowl - I just helped Finley this time. 
Cainan even rolled the ball a few times by himself.
Yes, the ball rolled only 6 miles per hour, but it did reach the pins.
 Arlington did great, and even got a strike.  She was so excited, so we took a picture of it.
Look at her form:
She loves to just wail the ball down the lane.  She has a crazy throw.

When we got home, Finley just wanted to lay on the couch.  She did have a temperature of 101, so no wonder she didn't feel good. 

Tonight at bed time, she was still feeling bad.  After a nice warm bath, a little medicine and a good book, she fell asleep easily.  I think Mat will be staying home with her tomorrow just to make sure she is okay.  I think it is just a cold - she and Arlington both get fevers before they start a cold.  So we will see how she is tomorrow.

Tonight we are enjoying the Steelers game and hoping to see a win and see our beloved team go on to the Superbowl!  I am going to post before the end of the game, so here' hoping they win.

See you tomorrow.


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