Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day.....again

To my surprise, Arlington's school was canceled again today.  I already knew my school district was canceled, but I was surprised our town school caved and canceled school.  I know - most of you are thinking "crazy person.  you have 20 inches of snow - of course it was canceled".

To that I say - we are used to getting this much snow.  I just think the timing of the snow, and the inability of the trucks to get the school grounds cleaned up in time, was what stopped school today.

The only nice thing was that we got to sleep in, and take this morning to just relax.   The kids played.  Arlington and I worked a little more on her school project (all 100 words are now cut out), and Finley worked on her Braille.

Around 11am we decided to venture out.  We didn't go far.  I just needed stamps and to pick up some paperwork at the school the Littles will attend for Kindergarten enrichment next year.  But we got out, which was great.

Once we returned, Arlington went on a playdate with her friend and neighbor, K.  I bundled up all the kids and took a walk over to her house. "K" met us at the driveway and Arlington was so excited to have a partner to sled with.  She was gone for about 2 1/2 hours this afternoon and had a great time.

In the meantime, Finley and Cainan stayed home with me.  They played nicely for awhile in each other's rooms.  Then, Finley hit Cainan with a doll and that started the problems.  The hit was an accident, but because Cainan started to cry and was going to tell me what happened, Finley blocked him from getting downstairs.  She is too much.  He wasn't hurt, and recovered, but you could tell they missed their leader, Arlington.

My parents arrived late afternoon and the kids were really happy to see them.  We spent the remainder of the day together and having a great time.  We had dinner takeout and played Quirkle with the kids.  Everyone went to be peacefully and worn out tonight.

Arlington got a GREAT surprise in the mail today.  Mike Fiore - a new family friend of ours, and fellow RDH12 family - found out that Arlington was going to play lacrosse this spring.  Mike's brother plays for the Long Island Lizards professional lacrosse team.  You can see him HERE

She was so excited.  It came in a really big box, and she put it all on right away.
She wore it all around the house - even while she played a game on the computer.  It was hilarious.
Mike, Chris, and all Fiore family - thank you for making Arlington's day.  It means so much that you sent that to her.

Tomorrow SHOULD be back to normal.  See you then.

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Glad she liked it.......The Fiore's