Friday, January 14, 2011

The one in which a Friday felt like a Monday

Today it was back to work and back to school.  Thank goodness my parents are visiting, or I may have killed tightly hugged one of the children this morning.
We had to go to school at regular time this morning (gasp), and it was, of course, the only day the girls didn't feel like getting up before 7am.  No - they got up at 7:20 - and it was a mad dash to get them ready before I left for work at 7:45.  What?  I should have woken them up earlier?  Yeah, I wasn't watching the clock.
Today Arlington and Finley both needed to have breakfast before leaving the house at 8:20.  Finley was spending the morning in Kindergarten for her first visit this month.  She is going to going to Kindergarten to visit twice a month from now until the end of the year.  One morning session, one afternoon.  This is a request from the (most awesome) principal.
She was especially excited this morning because her Grammy would be taking her to school and staying with her today.  She got to wear a skirt and her boots, and I wish I would have had time to take a picture of her before she left.  She was in Heaven.  And in a few weeks, she knows her Gramma will be taking her to Kindergarten, so that will be just as fun.
Today Rota Rooter was nice enough to come out and take a look at a nice spot we have forming on our bathroom ceiling.  This is the second time we have had them come out for said bathroom.  The last time they thought they fixed the problem, but whatever is going on just moved over a few inches and made a new spot.  This guy thinks it is a shower head that is leaking, and I am willing to try that because it is 1) cheap and 2) keeps them from putting another hole in our ceiling.
We are getting so excited for our upcoming Disney Trip.  I am so excited my parents will be getting a chance to go with us.  It is fun to watch the kids have such a great time in a place like Disney - to watch how excited they get when they see the princesses and super heroes they love so much.  Only 35 more days until we leave!  That is just a little over a month.  We are so ready to go.
Although, I am a little apprehensive about the flight, I must say.  I am a terrible flier, but I think that will be okay because it is a short flight.  I am more worried because I am going with Mat who seems to be the King of bad luck when it comes to air travel.  I cannot remember the last time he has taken a trip somewhere that his flight wasn't delayed, canceled, re-routed.  Where I haven't had to get on the phone to the airline and try to change his connecting flight because he was going to miss it.  Where we haven't had to beg and plead to get him home before a snow storm which would trap him where he was for 3 more days.  I told him he isn't allowed to travel by airline for business any longer.  I have made countless enemies with countless customer service agents in the airline industry because I am always calling them.
For all of your local, or near local Connellsville, Pennsylvania folks - don't forget that next Thursday, January 20th, is the Chicken and Biscuit fundraising dinner for Finley.  Here is the flier:

If you cannot stay and eat, you can get take out!  So come by and support our cause.  All proceeds go to our RDH12 Fund for Sight for Finley, so we don't want you to miss it.  As you all know, our new goal is $150,000 for this year, so we need your support.
Today - Cainan and my dad played super heroes all morning while my mom and Finley were at school and tonight the girls talked my mom into played with a few of their barbie type dolls.  I say barbie type because none were actually barbie dolls.  We had a fairy, a Moxy girl, and a vampire.   Such weirdos.  Made an interesting party.

Stay tuned for more!

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