Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Mother Nature flippin' kidding me?

Dear Mother Nature,

  On June 23rd, my family has plans to leave on a lovely family vacation with the Pletcher gang.  We look forward to this vacation every other year.  Lake time, family fun, laughs, warm weather, sunshine, good books.  All these things await our little family starting on June 23rd as we make our trek down south to Lovely Lake Norman.

  But dear Mother Nature - in order for that to happen, you need to stop dumping mounds of snow on New England.  Our little towns cannot take much more.  While we are used to a few storms a year - continually causing havoc and piling inches and inches on top of the (not already melted) snow just makes my head hurt.  We have had well over 50 inches of snow in our little neck of the woods since December, and I think that is quite enough.

Today, you thought it would be "funny" to dump another 8-10 inches on our area.  Well, M.N., it stopped being funny about 3 storms ago.  I am watching my precious summer vacation slip away, because we have 4, and now possible 5, snow days to make up due to your antics.  That puts our last day of school on June 23rd.  The day my little family was going to join our big family in glorious sunshine.

You are messing with me.  I am not a happy person.  I moved to the north because the people of Florida were crazy.  But you, my dear M.N. - you need to take a vacation and go reek your havoc somewhere else.  We are all done with you here.

The very cold, very sore from shoveling,
Pletcher Family

**This was originally going to be wordless Wednesday, but I needed to make sure Mother Nature got my message.

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