Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today - the young man in our house turns 5.
5!  Where did the time go?  Wasn't he just a little baby?  With a cleft smile, and chubby little legs he didn't even walk when he came home to us at 14 months.  Nor did he crawl.
But within a few weeks, he was mobile and keeping up with his sisters.  He quickly grew, and started to talk.
And now, here we are.  On his 5th birthday.  4 years after he became part of our family.  I cannot believe how much he has changed.
From a little baby who had never played with toys before, to a boy who knows exactly what he likes and what he doesn't like.

From a baby that didn't say any words, or may any sounds, to a boy who talks non-stop.
This last year, we have seen the most change in him yet.  He asks more questions.  He pretend plays.  He lets his sisters know when he doesn't like something.
He is silly, and fun, and all boy.  I have never seen someone run as much as he does.

He jumps out of the tub and will say "I am Batman" just about every night.  Super heroes are his favorite thing.
Next to Toy Story.

He can eat anyone under the table.  I have never seen such a small person eat so much.
He is funny, smart, kind, sweet, and joyful.

He is eager to please, and doesn't like to cause trouble.

It has been amazing watching him grow, and we are so lucky to be his parents.
We love you Cainan.  We can't imagine life without you.

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