Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So - now that Blogger has redeemed itself, here are the pictures I wanted to post yesterday.

This is Finley, Cainan, and Arlington at the Coast Guard Academy where the Kumon ceremony was:

 Cainan waiting his turn for the ceremony:

 Cainan's name on the screen:

 Cainan and his teacher, Seema.  Cainan got a ribbon for math and reading:
 Arlington's name on the chart for the second graders:
 Arlington and her teacher Seema.  Arlington got trophies in reading and Math:

 After the ceremony we took pictures at the Coast Guard:

 My grandparents Appolonia with the kids:
 My parents and grandparents with the kids:
 My parents on their 40th wedding anniversary:

 My grandparents who will soon be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary:

 The grandparents and great grandparents with the kids:

 The grandparents with the kids.  They were starting to get punchy:

 Trying to take our family.  Finley was not pleased to be sitting up there:

 My grandparents out to dinner:
 The yummy smores cupcakes made by my friend Heather Capo:
 Yummy Carmel Apple cupcakes:

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